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Student Information System

August 3, 2012

SIS Update #30

I hope your summer has gone well (yes, it is almost over . . . ).  Five news items for you relative to the Student Information System (SIS):

  • Orientation and training available for new department heads, faculty and staff
  • Changes made to MyUNIverse portal
  • User Issue Update: “Academic Requirements” report now available in PDF
  • User Issue Update: Enhancements made to “Class Search” subject list; department head response needed
  • User Issue Update: Enhancement made to “Open/Closed Classes by Subject” report

    Orientation and training available for new department heads, faculty and staff
    If you are a new academic department head, SIS trainer Rachel Jones is available to come to your office to provide you with a one-on-one orientation to the university's Student Information System (SIS).  Contact her at <> or 273-4713.  An orientation to SIS will be provided to all new faculty as part of the New Faculty Orientation presented by the Office of the Provost.  An orientation for new staff will be announced in the next SIS Update.  As always, Rachel is available to help with any new or continuing training need.  Again, she can be contacted at <> or 273-4713.

    Changes to MyUNIverse Portal
    You might have noticed that there have been some changes to the Portal.  Several outdated links to data and reports have been removed and you should now navigate to Faculty Center to find the information you need.  For more information on the specific reports and records that were affected, click here.

    "Academic Requirements" report PDF now available
    Responding to a need identified by students, the SIS team completed the development of a printer-friendly version of their academic requirements (also called the Academic Advisement Report).  This should be helpful to advisors as well.  You can access the report and print the PDF in Student Services Center or Advisor Center.  

    Through Advisor Center, go to MyUNIverse > Academics tab > Advisor Center > My Advisees > View Student Details > from drop down: Academic Requirements and “go” icon.  You will see a yellow button at the top that says “view report as pdf.”  Please note that this opens a pop-up window and you may need to enable pop-ups on your browser to view this report. For more information and complete instructions on how to access this report, click here.

    Enhancements in Class Search Subject List
    Old department number subjects [i.e."Accounting (120)"] have now been removed from the Class Search.  At a recent meeting of the Council of Academic Department Heads, it was suggested the academic subject abbreviation be added to the existing names.  Since students are familiar with the abbreviations, this will make information more consistent across systems and tasks such as class searches.  For example the subject that currently shows as "Accounting" in the class search would show as "Accounting (ACCT)".

    However, because there is a limit of 30 characters, for some subject areas there is not enough space to provide both the full current description and the subject without further abbreviation.  A spreadsheet of the proposed changes to the subject descriptions has been made available.  We ask that department heads review this list and give us their feedback by September 1, 2012 indicating how they would like their particular subject(s) written out.  To access the spreadsheet, click here.  Please e-mail Patti Rust ( with your suggestions.

    Enhancement made to “Open/Closed Classes by Subject” report
    At the request of department heads, the “Open/Closed Classes by Subject” report available in MyUNIverse has been updated to include the units (credit hours) for each section. Because some courses have variable units, you will see both a minimum and maximum unit values listed in the report. 

    As always, please let us know here if you have issues with SIS that you would like the team to address.  The up-to-date summary of identified issues and the status of their resolution is here.