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Student Information System

August 30, 2011

For Department Heads: SIS update #19

Here is the latest update on the Student Information System (SIS) implementation.  Please feel free to pass on to others who might make use of it.  Special thanks to Graduate College Associate Dean Shoshanna Coon for her clear and direct communication about SIS matters affecting graduate students. 

Registrar's staff available to assist students with registration
If you know of students who are having difficulty getting registered for classes, please refer them to the Registrar's Office right away.  Staff will assist directly or make a precise referral in order to facilitate registration.  Our official enrollment count is taken Friday, September 2, so please encourage students to act now if they remain unregistered.

Computer Consulting Center now available to provide telephone assistance
As the SIS implementation evolves, UNI's existing Computer Consulting Center at ITTC is now ready to provide telephone support to those who have technology-related questions or needs relative to SIS.  Please refer students, parents, faculty and staff who have such questions to the Center at 273-5555.  Please do not refer those needing assistance directly to project staff members -- this takes them away from implementation work and delays the completion of needed enhancements.

Late fees for student bills to be waived
Students and parents had been informed through normal channels that payments for tuition and fees were due to the University by August 22.  Given that not all financial aid was applied to student accounts as planned, no late fee will be assessed on past due balances for the September 1 billing.  Late fees will be assessed for those still past due by the October 1 billing.  If students inquire, you can assure them that this is the case and that they do not need to do anything to avoid a September 1 late fee.  Please note, though, that the waiver is for the September 1 bill only, so bills need to be paid by September 20 to avoid a late fee being assessed on the October 1 bill.

Thanks for your patience and good work through the opening of the fall term.