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Student Information System

April 12, 2011

For Department Heads: SIS #8

Thanks to all for their good work and understanding as we move through a critical stage in the implementation of the new SIS.  A few notes for you:

UPDATE/CHANGE:  Prerequisites with a minimum grade required
Students currently enrolled in a prerequisite that has a minimum grade requirement are permitted to advance register for a subsequent course.  A prerequisite review will be conducted after spring grades are posted and adjustments made at that time.  Details of how this will be accomplished will be provided later.

Advance registration update
The first students to register on April 5 were able to do so within 30 seconds of their registration time. This is due to the new “shopping cart” feature that allows students to add classes to their cart and then, when they are permitted to enroll, click a single button to register.  As of this morning, 2198 undergrads have registered for fall, 57% of those eligible. Students are also taking advantage of the new planning tools. The planner has been used by 2318 students so far, and 3305 have used the shopping cart.  There have been over 700 unique page views of online resources, and students are attending face-to-face help sessions.

A note about co-requisites
When students are enrolling in classes that require co-requisites, they must have previously taken the course or must add all of the co-requisite classes to their shopping cart and register for them at the same time. If the student tries adding them one at time, the system does not recognize this as meeting the co-requisite requirements.

Online help form now available
Some students have been receiving error messages and have contacted the Registrar staff for help. In order to provide them with more efficient and timely service and obtain the necessary information to help them, we are providing n online help form for students.  It is available at the Registrar's website or here.

Reminder about online help
The catalog of online training resources continues to grow.  Relative to student advance registration, there are short (3-5 minute) video tutorials as well as quick reference guides that describe how students use the optional Planner and Shopping Cart tools and how they enroll for classes. These are available here.  For help with administrative tasks, such as removing a service indicator (hold), adding student specific permissions (approvals) and quick enrolling, the quick reference guides are available here and video tutorials are available here.

FAQ is being routinely updated
The SIS team and Registrar's staff have been fielding many questions of a common nature and are routinely adding these (and the answers!) to the FAQ online. This resource is available here.

Next steps for degree audit and program of study
Undergraduate Degree Audits and graduate Programs of Study will eventually be replaced by the new SIS "Advisement Report". The new Advisement Reports are still in development and testing, so they will not be available for the fall 2011 advance registration period. The current Degree Audits and Programs of Study will continue to be available through MyUNIverse and via the mainframe through summer 2010.

Training will be offered for advisors and staff before the release of the new Advisement Report. There also will be a period of time to access and become familiar with the reports before the reports are available to students. The new reports will be accessed through MyUNIverse in the new Peoplesoft Self-Service Centers (Student Center, Advisor Center and Student Services Center). There will be a transition period where both the old mainframe and new SIS reports will be available for reference. Additional details will be communicated as they come available.