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Student Information System

April 8, 2011

For Students: SIS update #7

Dear students,

Please review these important registration tips prior to enrolling for Fall 2011 classes.  Remember that summer course registration is still in the old system, while advance registration for fall is in the new system.  Complete online help is available at

Registration FAQs
For an updated listing of frequently asked questions and their answers, go here:

Class Search
Use the alpha subject only [e.g. use "Accounting" not "Accounting (120)"].  Click "View All" to see all sections (by default the first 3 are shown).

When enrolling in classes that require co-requisites, you must have previously taken the course or you must add all of the co-requisite classes to your shopping cart and register for them at the same time. If you try adding them one at time, the system does not recognize this as meeting the co-requisite requirements.

Lecture + Lab (separate sections)
When enrolling in a class that has a lecture section and a separate lab section, first select the lecture section.  When you click the select class button the system will prompt you to select a lab section.  You must register for both the lecture and the lab at the same time.  Note: This does not apply to the sections that have a lecture/lab combined into the same section.

Prerequisites with a minimum grade required
If the course you want to enroll in has a prerequisite that includes a minimum grade and you are currently taking the prerequisite, you will not be able to register for the course in advance (the grade must be earned before the prerequisite requirement is met).  You can seek approval to register without meeting the prerequisite requirement from the department offering the course, except that for courses in business, you should check with the College of Business Advising Center.

Registration Help Form
If you still receive an error message when trying to register for classes, use the online Registration Help Form to tell us the details of your problem so we can help.  It is available here: