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Student Information System

February 18, 2011

The parent portal is in transition!

The Parent Portal is changing by phases from February–August 2011 to convert to the new Student Information System. Current students with third party users (parents, spouse, etc) will experience changes in how they access their personal records. Third party access to records in the new Student System will now be directly within MyUniverse, the same portal that students currently and will continue to use. If students wish to allow access to their third party users, the first transition in the new Student System will be for Financial Aid records in February 2011.

Other records will continue to be accessed through the old Parent Portal ( until they are migrated into the new third party portal through MyUNIverse ( During the transition, students will need to set up new third party accounts in the new system for each person they wish to allow access, as well as retain their old third party accounts for records not yet migrated.

The full transition to the new system will be complete by August 2011. At that time, all student records will be available through MyUNIverse and the old Parent Portal will be retired. Please contact Julie Heiple at or (319) 273-7431 with any questions.

For complete details on transition to new parent/third party portal, click here.