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Student Information System

February 18, 2011

For Department Heads: SIS update #3

1.  Fall Schedule of Classes.  Last Monday was the deadline for submitting information for the fall schedule of classes and all departments have made submissions!  Thanks to all who contributed to this very important effort.  The Registrar's staff is now verifying the information submitted, University Book and Supply is gathering ISBN numbers and prices for textbooks, and the overall process is proceeding as planned.  Access will remain open for department schedulers to update/edit enrollment and textbook information as needed.

2.  Textbook information submission.  Let me clarify two things as a followup to my December news item about textbook information.  First, the change in UNI's approach to submitting textbook information is due to a change in Federal law, not a change in our SIS.  We are using the new SIS in an effort to make complying with the new regulation as easy as possible.  Second, if textbook information is not available at the time the course information is submitted, it can be listed as "to be determined."  The textbook information can be added later, as it becomes available.  If you'd like to see a summary of the law and a full set of FAQ, check this Cal State website:

3.  Parent Portal.  The Parent Portal is in transition -- changing in phases, beginning now and extending through August 2011, to accommodate the conversion to the new Student Information System. This is a function that is currently available that allows students to authorize third parties (usually parents) to access information online about grades, bills, etc.  The transition may create some difficulty for students and their authorized third-parties because many will have two separate points of access until the transition is complete – one for their information related to enrollment through summer 2011 and one for information related to enrollment in fall 2011 and beyond.  Information for students and parents about this is provided at the UNI Parents page.

4.  Jargon 102.  "Lead" is jargon/shorthand (and a noun) that describes a person who is "leading" the implementation of an aspect or module of the Student Information System (SIS).  A "functional lead" is a person who is the content expert -- generally a staff person who works in the department most closely associated with the particular function.  For example, Heather Soesbe is associate director of Student Financial Aid at UNI and she is the functional lead for the financial aid module of the new SIS.  Michele Peck is an academic advising coordinator at the Office of Academic Advising at UNI and she is the functional lead for the academic advising module.  The functional leads who are working on SIS have been doing so full-time for about 18 months and have relocated from their normal workspace to the project office in Campbell Hall (in the old dining center).  For a complete list of the "functional leads" working on our SIS implementation, click here.

5.  Academic advising.  Academic advisement plans are being verified.  Michele Peck, who is leading the implementation of the Academic Advisement portion of the new SIS, is currently meeting with academic departments to review the academic plans (majors and minors) for both undergraduate and graduate programs. The goal is to make certain that the requirement rules that are being installed in the system are correct, and to otherwise ensure the plans are accurate and meet departments’ expectations. Michele has sent detailed information on this directly to those who would likely need to know about it.

6.  Wait-listing.  The new waiting-list features on the new Student Information System (SIS) are now posted on the SIS site where they will remain available for reference. Click here to access.

7.  Financial aid.  The SIS team has been working hard to keep implementation of the financial aid module on schedule and on budget. Access to new features on the system is becoming available to staff, students and other system users as planned.  The new student portal in MyUNIverse provides an additional ‘To Do’ list feature for students after they have filled out their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This feature will inform students when additional documentation is required for the Office of Student Financial Aid to process their application for financial aid. This feature will be available to students in March 2011.  To view the SIS project timeline, click here.

Thanks for reading; more soon.  If you need training help, contact Rachel Jones a or 273-4313.  If you have questions about the SIS project, contact project manager Mike Holmes at or 273-4347.