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Student Information System

December 15, 2011

SIS Update #25

As the fall semester draws to a close, the Registrar’s Office and the SIS Project Team would like to take a moment to congratulate everyone on a successful year of SIS implementation. This epic collaborative effort has proven to be a challenge, but overall we have overcome many obstacles and learned a great deal about our new Student Information System.

Getting ready for set up of summer Schedule of Classes

We have learned from you about some common issues that we want to make everyone aware of so that you may focus on these items going forward. Regarding Schedule of Classes set up by departments, we strongly encourage brushing up on the training docs and referencing the online SIS help tools (such as the FAQ, top 10 tips and tutorials) as you gear up for Summer Schedules after the new year. Common issues and how to address them are:

Common issues in Schedule of Classes setup

  • Deleting sections – Sections that rolled forward from a prior like term that are not being offered current term must be deleted
  • Course attributes – Course Attributes must be added to each section (i.e. RCCD/RE and ORG/ORGANIZED)
  • Variable credit courses – Variable credit courses must be indentified for special set up
  • Instructors – List all instructors on all meeting patterns
  • Grading access – Assign grading access for instructors
  • Contact minutes/workload – Assign contact minutes/workload for instructors
  • Changes to combined sections – Changing enrollment/waitlist capacities to combined sections (after sections have been combined in SIS)  must be done through the Registrar’s Office via Schedule Change Request webform
  • Standard meeting time policy – Follow the Standard Meeting Time Policy

A note for advisors and others on common issues in registration

  • Variable credit course – When registering for a variable credit course, the default is set to the lowest value (i.e. on a 1-3 unit course, the default is set at 1 unit), the student or staff member registering a student must select the desired number of units before finishing enrollment.
  • Prerequisites/priority registration – You must drill down to the section hyperlink to see the entire listing of course notes including catalog-level course prerequisites/co-requisites and other requirements such as junior standing. You can also see other course notes regarding priority registration codes. **Note: The system distinguishes between prospective and declared majors. Example: If a note indicates that a class is priority for declared major code 48V and if a student seeking to take the course is a prospective major code 48V, the student will be ineligible to register for the course.
  • Unmet prerequisite errors – If a student has not satisfied the necessary prerequisites for a course, he/she must get approval from the DEPARTMENT offering the course; the Registrar’s Office does not make the determination on overriding prerequisites.
  • Wait lists – There is no universal wait list policy and departments vary in how they handle their wait lists ( if they choose to offer them).  If students put themselves on a wait list for multiple courses, they can use the ‘swap’ feature to indicate which course they’d be willing to drop if space became available in the wait listed course. The system will not allow them to wait list a course that meets during the same time as a course they are already registered for (the SIS will view this as a time conflict) unless they designate the course they’d be willing to drop. **Note: A full time student is eligible to register for 18 units total, which includes courses they are on the wait list for.

 Resources for entering final grades

Final grades for full-semester or half-semester courses are due at 1 pm on Wednesday, December 21.  If you would like assistance entering grades, the Registrar’s Office and the SIS team are providing you with the following resources:

Grades Hotline numbers

Wendy Mulder - 273-2277

Patti Rust - 273-2113

Rachel Jones - 273-4713

On-line resources

As you enter grades, it will be important that you select the Final Grade Roster to enter your final grades, as the system defaults to having the Mid-Term Grade Roster as the selection. For each 'F' grade you assign, you will be taken to the Notes screen to enter a brief comment used for Federal financial aid purposes. A final reminder is that you will need to change the Approval Status from "Not Reviewed" to "Approved" to save the grades when you are ready to submit the grades.

Please note: Final grade entry is considered complete and ready for Office of the Registrar processing once the Approval Status of the Final Grade Roster is changed to "Approved" and the Final Grade Roster is saved.

As in the past, the Office of the Registrar will post final grades to student records during evening processing on the due date. Once posted, final grades become available for viewing by students and advisors.

If you have any questions about this process, or run into problems, please contact one of our hotline numbers for assistance.