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Student Information System

Backlog on data entry of declaration forms.

Last Updated: 5/15/2012


Category of Issue: Registrar's Office

Issue name: Backlog on data entry of declaration forms.

Issue resolution status: Completed

Due date: Proposed to be in place for entering class in fall 2012.


Issue description:

A huge backlog of declaration of major forms and student request forms in the Registrar's Office; this makes it difficult to accurately advise students on what they need to complete, because their degree audits are not up-to-date (and sometimes even their majors & assigned advisers are not correct in the system, due to the backlog)


Planned solution:

We are currently reviewing a change in procedure with the academic departments that would remove the "pre" plan step for plans that have no entrance requirements to declare that major. Academic Advising is checking with departments for their views before we implement any change.

This will connect students to a major sooner, make it clearer for students, eliminate unnecessary steps for students, and reduce the volume of manual entry of declaration forms significantly.