Student Information System

Lack of college-level reports.

Category of Issue: Reporting

Issue name: Lack of college-level reports.

Issue resolution status: Resolved - In progress

Due date: Ongoing


Issue description:

At the college level, we struggle to generate the data at a college level (can't search classes or classrooms at a department level or a college level, right now it's more individual class based -- which makes it INCREDIBLY time consuming for us to pull together the data we need for decisions).


Planned solution:

We have four developers working on report development full time. Priority has been given to externally mandated reports. There are currently 55 reports identified as high priority. Those related to colleges/departments are:

  • Graduate admission status report.
  • Admission details about grad students for each major.
  • Class size report and summary - number of unclassified, freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, and grad students in each class section.
  • Staff load report – class load per each class for each instructor.
  • Graduate major count report - counts of graduates by major and part-time/full-time status and whether or not the student is approved or prospective.
  • Wait list report
  • Enrollment count report – contains courses and their optimal, maximum, actual and difference.
  • Enrollment by curricula - contains enrollment information with 1st major, 2nd major.
  • Student major listing - an alphabetical listing of students and their major(s) and minor(s).
  • Grade distribution report – contains department count. Breakdown of the grades received in each course for a given semester.
  • Advisor-advisee list - Lists all undergrads currently enrolled by advisor. Lists are produced for 1st majors, 2nd majors, and 3rd majors.