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Student Information System

June 14, 2011

For Department Heads: SIS update #12

With Commencement past and summer underway, work on the new SIS continues.  Here are some updates for you:

Faculty Center is live!

Faculty now have access to Faculty Center via My Universe, Academics tab.  The functions that are now available are: Teaching Schedule, Textbook Summary, Class Roster, Wait List, Email Notification from the Class Roster and Search (Schedule of Classes and Course Catalog).

Functions we're still working on are (and not yet available) are Exam Schedule, Grade Roster, and Student Photos.  A few details on functionality that is currently available:

   - Teaching Schedule - Faculty can elect to view their schedule by term, displaying all classes or enrolled classes only, as well as view/print their schedule in a weekly grid.  The class roster is also accessible from this view.
   - Textbook Summary - Faculty may view textbook information that was submitted via Schedule of Classes, such as status, ISBN, and description.
   - Class Roster/Wait List - Faculty may view and/or print class rosters and wait lists.  Enrollment capacity and number of students enrolled is displayed for each class section.  Details on the roster include: Student ID, name, grade basis, units, program and plan, and academic level.
   - Email Notification - Faculty have the option of sending an email notification to one student, multiple students, or the entire roster.
   - Search
- Faculty can use the search feature to view the schedule of classes or browse the course catalog.

Online learning resources for Faculty Center can be found on the SIS web site which is here.  Once at the site, select  Learning SIS > Online Self-Help > Faculty Center Help.  Faculty Center demonstrations will be scheduled in August.

Posting charges to u-bill changes
With the implementation of the new SIS system, posting charges and credits to the student u-bill will be changing. Individuals who plan to continue posting to the student u-bill will need to attend training. Student Accounts staff will be offering training the last two weeks of June. If you currently have access, you should have received an email from Students Accounts providing specific information about training. If you did not receive an email, but need access, contact Penny Becker at or call 3-4711 prior to attending training.

Student records conversion progressing
Though the new SIS has many parts that are now functioning, we are still in the process of transferring existing student records from the legacy (old) system to the new system.  Over this past weekend, another major step in this data conversion was completed and an additional conversion will happen this coming weekend. As of now, all student information records for summer 2011 (and prior) are still located in Legacy, but all information for Fall 2011 can be accessed in the new SIS. A final conversion will be completed in August that will allow all student records for all terms to be accessed through the new SIS.

Preparation being made for reporting   
In addition to the more public functions that many of us see, the SIS also provides the University with the ability to generate reports that are required for many different purposes, both on and off campus.  Our capacity to produce needed reports from the new system is in the process of being developed.  The current focus is on reports needed for the Board of Regents (official fall enrollment, etc) and selected governmental agencies.