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Student Information System

June 4, 2012

SIS Team receives recognition from President & Mrs. Allen

SIS Team

On Thursday, May 31st, President and Mrs. Allen welcomed members of the SIS Team to their home to recognize them for their work and their dedication during the implementation of the new student information system.  President Allen reiterated that there is still much to be done.  "However," he said, "we wanted to take a moment to breathe and to recognize the significance of all that you have accomplished so far."  He went on to emphasize that this system was a necessity.  "We came to the point that we needed to take that leap.  And you were all there to make sure that leap wasn't in vain." 

Project sponsors, Vice President Terry Hogan and Dr. Shashi Kaparthi, Chief Information Officer & Associate Professor, handed out Certificates of Appreciation to the Project Team, otherwise known as the Campbell Hall alumni.  This group started off this project by centrally locating in Campbell Hall, where they set up a temporary office to devote themselves to the implementation of the new system.  They have since relocated back to their respective offices.  Dr. Hogan commended the group on their "grace, patience, fortitude, and belief in the process.  I am continually amazed how you all adapt to change, take criticisms with grace and strive every day to make this system better for the people who use it."  The SIS Executive Steering Committee, the Technical Support Staff, and other part time team members from the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid and other areas were also recognized.

President Allen reiterated that the process is not complete, but noted that it will continue to evolve over time. "You knew this wasn't going to be an easy task and it certainly wasn't going to happen overnight," he said.  "But what you have implemented here serves the very core of what we do here at UNI.  It can be intimidating.  And change is never easy.  And yet, I see each of you working to make this better for every student, every faculty member; for every person here at UNI.  For that, we are all thankful."

The following people were honored for their service to the project:

The SIS Executive Steering Committee

Kelly Flege, Director, Business Operations

Jan Hanish, Assistant Vice President of Outreach & Special Programs

Terry Hogan, Vice President for Student Affairs (Also served as Project Sponsor)

Mike Holmes, Information Technology Specialist (Also a member of the Project Team)

Ken Johnson, Dean & Instructor, Continuing Education & Special Programs

Christie Kangas, Director of Admissions

Shashi Kaparthi, Chief Information Officer, ITS-Administration (Also served as Project Sponsor)

Dennis Lindner, Director, ITS-Information Systems

Joyce Morrow, Director of Financial Aid

Doup Mupasiri, Interim Department Head, Mathematics

Jean Neibauer, Director of Academic Advising

Phil Patton, University Registrar

Technical Support Staff (all from ITS-Information Systems)

Shane Fisher

Kip Miller

Monica Mundhenke

Masa Noborikawa

Nathaniel Petersen

Pat Palmersheim

Kevin Quarnstrom

Aaron Thompson

Steve Moon, Director, ITS-Network Services

Others who worked part-time on the project

Registrar's Office Staff

Mary Baumann

Linda Feuchtwanger

Rosann Good

Cathy Humke

Pam MacKay

Financial Aid Office

Deb Bartels

Tammy Dean

Renae Mulder


Paige Everly, Communications Assistant, Vice President of Student Affairs Office

Christina Geweke, Cashier Coordinator, Business Operations

Tonya Gerbracht, Assistant Controller, Financial Accounting & Reporting Services

Carolina Wilson, Secretary, Continuing Education & Special Programs

The Project Team

Mike Holmes, Project Manager

Technical Team (all from ITS-Information Systems)

Kevin Forest, Technology Lead

Matt Hansen

Travis Horvatich

Dennis Johnson

Connie Ketterer

Judy Schultz

Yayoi Teramoto Moreland

Chris Triplitt

Val Turner

Mary Westendorf

Chad Wittrock

Support Staff and Project Leads

Pam Creger, Administrative Assistant

Penny Becker, Student Financials Lead

Julie Heiple, Portal & Reporting Lead

Rachel Jones, Trainer

Michele Peck, Academic Advising Lead

Patti Rust, Student Records Lead

Amy Schipper, CRM Lead

Heather Soesbe, Financial Aid Lead

Jennifer Suchan, Student Records Conversion Lead

Joy Thorson, Admissions Lead

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