Student Information System

March 18, 2013

SIS Update #34

Dear colleagues,

Hope that mid-terms are going well for all.  Here are some updates relative to the Student Information System (SIS).  If you are new to the University and need to use SIS in your work, contact Rachel Jones for information on training and orientation options.  She is at or 273-4713.  There are five updates provided below:


  • Updates to academic advisement reports
  • SIS Issues & Resolutions Log
  • User Issue Update: Student Services Center navigation
  • Firefox PDF viewer issues
  • Progress made on legacy exceptions

Updates to academic advisement reports
These are the most recent updates or improvements to the Advisement Reports for Undergraduate and Graduate students.  Click here for details.


  • PLAN GPA (Major/Minor GPA) updates.  List includes only courses that contribute to the GPA (graded, for GPA classes), and a count of units used in GPA added.
  • UNIT REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATION updates (Undergraduate Students Only).  Count only includes completed courses; no longer includes In-Progress, Incomplete or Research Continued classes.  
  • COURSES IN PROGRESS Fix.  This list will now pull in Research Continued (RC) courses in addition to In-Progress and Incomplete courses.
  • Identification of STUDY ABROAD, NATIONAL STUDENT EXCHANGE and CONSORTIUM COURSES.  This is a new line in the University Electives/Courses not Used requirement group.  These temporary classes will show in a separate line of this Requirement Group while there is still credit assigned to the courses.  Once the units are changed to 0 (the placeholder is replaced by the actual transfer coursework) the placeholder will move to the regular area for courses not used.


If you have any questions, please contact Michele Peck at or 273-3406.

SIS Issues & Resolutions Log
Reminder - Check the SIS Issues & Resolutions Log for updates and resolutions to user identified SIS issues.

User Issue Update: Student Services Center navigation
One of the two known issues with the Student Services Center navigation has been resolved.  Users will now view the academics tab within Student Services Center upon selecting the tab. Users will no longer be prompted with a search page. We are still pursuing a fix for the "breadcrumb" navigation issue. Please click here for update details.

Firefox PDF viewer issues
Some areas have upgraded to Firefox 19. By default, Firefox 19 uses its own built-in PDF Reader, which doesn't always produce results within SIS.  This document describes the steps on how to restore Adobe Reader (or whatever reader you were using) as your default, so that you avoid issues within SIS if you are using Firefox 19.

Progress made on legacy exceptions
Due to the diligent efforts of staff in the Registrar's Office, Academic Advising and on the SIS team, all legacy exceptions for all currently enrolled undergraduates (including those enrolled in fall, but not currently enrolled) have been successfully migrated to the new SIS.  As you know this migration was essential to ensuring that academic advisement reports for these students are accurate and therefore useful to students and advisors alike.  The Registrar's Office has added a step to the process of student re-enrollment whereby staff will check to see if there are exceptions for a given student that have not yet been migrated in which case they will be migrated at the time of re-enrollment.  Work continues on the migration of legacy exceptions for graduate students.  Thanks to all involved in completing this important step.

For those who will be away over spring break, enjoy.