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Student Information System

March 29, 2012

SIS Update #28  

Hope you’re enjoying the spring weather and thinking ahead to Commencement.  The following items are included in this update:

  •  Registration begins next week 
  • Advisor holds for summer and fall semesters 
  • Legacy to Campus Solutions crosswalk 
  • User Issue Update: Class search browser issue 
  • User Issue Update: Online and off-campus course identification

Registration begins April 3rd

Advanced registration will begin next week.  This means you may have students who have questions regarding their schedule and/or hold items that require your assistance. 

Fall registration schedule

 April 3           Graduate Students

 April 4-5       Seniors

 April 6-10     Juniors

 April 11-13    Sophomores

 April 16-19    Freshmen

 April 19         Unclassified

Don’t forget: Students can “pre-shop” for classes by using the Shopping Cart feature in Student Center.  This allows them to have their schedule ready when their registration time becomes available. 

Advisor holds for fall

Students and advisors preparing for advance registration may see two advising holds in Student Center. This is not duplicate entry.  Once clicked on, the link will reveal one hold for summer registration, and a separate one for fall registration.  Both holds may be removed at the same time if an advisor is approving course selection for both summer and fall semesters.  The application of two advising holds is consistent with the procedures at this time of year in the old system.  For a refresher on removing advising holds for students, see: 

Removing an Advisor Hold using Advisor Center  

Removing an Advisor Hold using Student Services Center

Application of advising holds to each student follows departmental policies as determined by academic departments of majors.  The populations of students who have advisor holds are listed in the Summer Policies & Procedures PDF.

A PDF of the Fall Schedules of Classes is available from the Office of the Registrar prior advance registration.  Some advisors find it easiest to save the PDF to their desktops for quick reference.  However, please be aware that this PDF is not updated as classes become closed or not available, or if additional classes are added.  For the most accurate information, log onto the Schedule of Classes.  This link will take you to the Registrar's Office website where additional information can be found.  

Legacy to Campus Solutions crosswalk

One of the issues many of you have reported is that you are not sure where to find information in the new system as compared to the old system.  We are working on resolving this issue by providing a “crosswalk.”  This tool will allow you to look at a transaction and a description of that transaction in the old system and show you where you can access this same transaction in the new system.  Our hope is that this will help some the “navigation” issues we all are having during this transition. 

The crosswalk is available on the SIS webpage, to the right, under SIS Information.  You can also access it here.

"User issues" report, review process

As previously noted, we now have a summary of the currently-identified user issues here.  For each, we have categorized the issue, given it a brief name, described it, described the outcome of our analysis of the issue, described a timeline (if appropriate), and given it a “status.”

“User issues” are problems identified by individuals who use the SIS in the course of their work.  User issues can be due to a limitation of the system, a lack of understanding of how to use the system, lack of needed access to portions of the system, and/or a setup in the system that is not producing the intended outcome.  There might also be needs that have not been met because of a backlog in work.  I will be highlighting a few of these in each issue of the SIS Updates.

Thanks for your continued good work and understanding as we work through the remaining issues and needs.

User Issue: Class search browser issue

Issue Description: It has been reported that when users are performing a Class Search outside of their Student Center, Faculty Center, and/or Advisor Center, that all sections of a multiple section course are not being displayed appropriately.

Planned Solution: This issue is actively being researched by technical staff, and should be resolved in the near future. In the meantime, it is recommended that you use Mozilla/Firefox and avoid the use of Internet Explorer when searching for classes. The view in Google Chrome and Safari is also negatively impacted, but both browsers allow users to perform the Class Search.

User Issue: Identification of online courses

Issue Description:  When using the online class search, online sections are being displayed as TBA in the location without an indication that this is an online course.

Resolution:  The system has been updated to identify courses that are online or off campus.  The following abbreviations are used in the room area of the Schedule of Classes:

ONL    Online
HCC    Hawkeye Community College
ICN     Iowa Communications Network
ALN     Allen College
ABD    Study Abroad