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Student Information System

May 3, 2012

SIS Update #29

As finals week draws to a close, I wanted to make sure you knew about two new enhancements for entering final grades.  This update will give you information about the latest changes and provide resources for entering grades.  Topics addressed below are:

  • Reminders for the process of entering final grades
  • User Issue update:  Grade Roster display default
  • User Issue update:  Confirmation message
  • Resources for entering final grades (hotline telephone numbers and online resources)

Final grades for full-semester or half-semester courses are due at 1 pm on Wednesday, May 9th.  As in the past, the Office of the Registrar will process grades overnight on the due date and they will be available to students by the morning of May 10.  If you have any questions about this process, or run into problems, please contact one of our hotline numbers for assistance (see below).

Reminders for the process of entering final grades

“F” grades clarification

For each 'F' grade you assign, the system will require you to indicate the reasons for assigning the "F": Never attended, stopped attending, or based on performance.  This information is required in order for UNI to be in compliance with Federal financial aid regulations.  The students do not see this information.

Change the Approval Status

After you have entered all of your grades, you will need to go to the Grade Roster action box and change the Approval Status from "Not Reviewed" to "Approved."  Then, be certain to click "Save" so your grades are submitted.  You will then immediately see a confirmation message with a green check mark at  the top of the screen that says "Final grade entry is complete."  If you receive a red X mark with the message "Final grade entry is not complete," it means you'll need to review what you've done, correct or complete, and then "Save" again.

User Issue update:  Grade roster display default

I know many have had an issue with the grade roster displaying the mid-term grade roster by default.  In response to users requests, the system has been changed so the final grade roster will now display by default. 

User Issue update:  Confirmation message

Once you have been entered, approved, and saved your grades, a confirmation message will immediately display at the top of the screen to verify that grades are properly submitted. 

Resources for entering final grades

Grades Hotline numbers

Wendy Mulder - 273-2277

Patti Rust - 273-2113

Rachel Jones - 273-4713

On-line resources

Information regarding entry of final grades is available at Entering Final Grades Quick Reference.


Thanks for your continued help in refining the Student Information System.