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Student Information System

May 5, 2011

For Department Heads: SIS update #11

Advanced registration for fall is completed, and three groups of transfer students have registered at orientation.  We continue to make good progress as we have registered more students for next fall than we had at this point in the process last year.  Thanks for your continued support and good work.  Some specifics:

Addressing students with advising holds
At last Friday's meeting of the Council of Academic Department Heads, we discussed the pool of students who had an open enrollment appointment for Fall 2011, but who had not yet registered for courses. The Registrar's Office communicated with these students to offer assistance in helping them register, and in response to this inquiry, many students responded that they were having difficulty getting an advisor hold removed. Though the holds may be intended, we wanted to certain that advisors were aware, as they may have removed holds in the legacy system thinking it would have transferred into the new system. So, I am sending to each associate dean a listing of students from their college and asking that these be distributed to advisors for their review.  The list includes the student's ID and the listed advisor. 

Registration FAQs updated frequently
Please know that, as new questions arise and we develop answers, we update the FAQ which is located at the SIS website.  Topics that have been recently updated include wait lists and viewing class rosters. To view the registration FAQs click here or go to MyUNIverse > Student Center > Help > Registration FAQs.

Enrolling students from the wait list
If your department is using the SIS wait list feature (without auto-enroll from wait list) and managing the wait lists, you can use Quick Enroll to move the appropriate student from the wait list to the class roster in one easy step:

- Select "enroll"
- Check any needed overrides
- Enter the class ID
- Click "submit" 

This will add the student to the class roster, remove the student from the wait list, and remove the wait-listed class from the student's shopping cart.  For step-by-step procedures, click here

Corequisites able to be removed
If your department has encountered additional co-requisites that need to be removed, please contact Phil Patton at or Patti Rust at in the Office of the Registrar and the change will be made.

Financial Aid award notification almost complete
The Office of Student Financial Aid has awarded most current and incoming undergraduate students for the 2011-12 academic year.  Students can now view their 2011-12 Financial Aid Award by logging into MyUNIverse in the new Student Center.

Security access to new screens available
If you or someone in your department need to obtain security access for screens in the new SIS, please use the online comment form (available here) to tell the project team which specific information or functionality you need from the original Legacy screen. Once this is received, the team will be able to determine which screens in the new system have the information and functionality you need and contact you with a security form specific to your request.

New reports now available on MyUNIverse
The following reports are now available to all faculty and staff to run as needed from MyUNIverse.  The data in the reports are "real-time"; that is, each time you run the report it captures the data from the system as of that point in time.  We are also working on a publicly available version, which will be available from the Registrar's Office web site without logging into MyUNIverse.  The available reports are:

- Open/Closed Classes by Subject
- Open/Closed Class by Acad Org
- Available LAC Courses
- Closed Class List

Class rosters coming
Class rosters will be available soon to department heads and faculty in the new Faculty Center. Class rosters are now available to department schedulers under Main menu > Curriculum management > Class rosters.