Student Information System

The Student Information System (SIS) was implemented Fall 2011.  SIS is avaiable 24x7 through MyUNIverse and provides real time data
for students, faculty, and staff.  SIS (PeopleSoft Campus Solutions) is accessible through Student Center, Faculty Center, Advisor Center,
and Campus Solutions.  This web site provides resources for learning SIS, contact information, troubleshooting tips, and announcements.

February 10, 2011

SIS Update #26

There is much to share in this update.  These items are included in this update:

  • User issues report, review process created 
  • Departments, faculty invited to submit issues 
  • Student fee-generated revenue reporting now available

October 14, 2011

SIS Update #23
Two items to update you on regarding the continuing implementation of the new Student Information System (SIS):
Mid-term grades will be entered using the new system
Faculty who submit mid-terms grades for students will do so using the new system.  Information about how to do this is being provided by the Registrar's Office directly to faculty.  In an effort to provide support to faculty during this transition, we are providing tutorials which faculty can access 24/7 on their own, open labs where faculty members can enter grades "live" with assistance from the Registrar's staff, and hotline numbers in case faculty have questions during the process.

October 7, 2011

SIS Update #22

Here are a couple of updates on the implementation of the new Student Information System:

Status of "student specific permissions" in spring schedule of classes clarified
There have been some inquiries about why course schedulers need to "check the box" for "Student Specific Permissions" (under the Basic Data tab of the Maintain Schedule of Classes screen).  This is a necessary part of the transition from the legacy system to the new system.


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