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Student Information System

November 14, 2011

SIS Update #24

Department heads need to activate any new advisors
A reminder that faculty or others who are newly assigned to serve as advisors need to be "activated" in the Student Information System (SIS) in order to access their advisees' information.  If you have new advisors in your department, the Department Head will need to contact Patti Rust at so that she can arrange for those persons to have the needed advisee access. 

Improvements made to the Undergraduate Advisement Report
After receiving feedback from many advisors, we have made some changes to the Undergraduate Advisement Report   -- The problem of courses not showing up under the Liberal Arts Core, Major or Minor requirements, due to limits, has been fixed.  While courses are still limited in the overall degree requirements, they will now satisfy course requirements in the report.   -- Admission to Teacher Education status now shows in the Professional Education Requirement Group on teaching majors.   -- Restricted Credit courses show on a separate line in the University Electives & Courses Not Used Requirement Group.  These courses count toward semester totals, but do not count toward degree completion.   Please encourage students to review their Academic Advisement Report in their Student Center/Academic Requirements Report to make sure they have not enrolled in, or plan to enroll in, a spring term course in a requirement they have already satisfied.  They should pay particular attention to the Liberal Arts Core, Major and Minor requirements.  

This issue affected a small number of students and those students who were affected are being notified by email that the issue has been resolved.  If you are an advisor of one of those students, they may come to you with questions about the change. 

A note about Unit Requirements for Graduation
Presently, Unit Requirements for Graduation lines will only collect units (credits) taken until the minimum number of units required is satisfied.  For instance, if a student pursuing a BA degree actually earns 126 units, the unit count will stop at 120 units, since that is all that is required for graduation.  We are still working on a resolution to this problem and will fix it as soon as possible.