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Student Information System

October 7, 2011

SIS Update #22

Here are a couple of updates on the implementation of the new Student Information System:

Status of "student specific permissions" in spring schedule of classes clarified
There have been some inquiries about why course schedulers need to "check the box" for "Student Specific Permissions" (under the Basic Data tab of the Maintain Schedule of Classes screen).  This is a necessary part of the transition from the legacy system to the new system.

This box is defaulted to be checked for all NEW sections being created. However sections that rolled forward from the previous like term in legacy did not have that box checked (as it did not exist in legacy), meaning all spring term sections needed to have that box checked by the department schedulers. The need to check this box for Student Specific Permissions will occur for one more rollover -- from summer 2011 (legacy) to summer 2012. Once we complete summer rollover into the new SIS, courses for all future terms will rollover with the box marked however it was marked in the previous like term.  I'm sorry that this was not able to be handled in a less labor-intensive way.

PDF copy of the Schedule of Classes to be provided in limited fashion
We have been asked on several occasions about making a PDF copy of the schedule of classes available.  After several insightful discussions with departments, it was concluded that two PDF versions of the schedule of classes will be made available for faculty and advisor use.  The first version will be sent to departments to proof for additions/deletions and corrections.  Once those corrections are made, a final PDF copy will be sent to all advisers, department heads, and department secretaries.  From that point forward, the Registrar’s Office will send back completed change forms which will allow each department to update their PDF version if they so desire.  This second and final PDF will not be posted on the web since it will not be an up-to-date rendition of the schedule of classes. 

The primary reason we cannot commit to continually updating a PDF version of the schedule of classes is the large number of change requests that are made in each cycle.  For the most recent fall schedule, we had 1508 changes processed after the initial version of the schedule was released.  This kind of activity means we would have to be updating the PDF version on a daily basis and since the information is available live in MyUNIverse, it is felt that trying to keep up a static document was not reasonable.  Our goal is to accommodate the changes, and therefore provide students, faculty, and staff with the most current information available in a way that is both cost-effective and easy to use.  The most current information will always be available on the web, since changes can be seen immediately after they are entered. 

That being said, the Registrar’s Office is looking into whether some form of specialized reports can be created to meet specific needs for such events as transfer orientation or to support other unique populations. We will keep you informed of the progress we make on this specialized reporting. 

Electronic applications to graduate are now available
Students who will be graduating Fall 2011 or Spring 2012 now have the ability to apply for graduation through their Student Center within MyUNIverse.  Click here for step-by-step information on completing the application.  A prominent link to the online application is also provided on the Registrar's Office website.