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Student Information System

September 15, 2010

Project update for fall semester, 2010

I am pleased to report that the new Student Information System (SIS) implementation remains largely on schedule and on budget. Though the project is more challenging as time goes on, staff from UNI with their Ciber, Inc. consultant partners has risen to each challenge that has come their way.

For those just learning about the project, the new SIS (when completed) will improve services for students and faculty, and provide many more self-service capabilities. It will provide information and reporting tools that will help us plan and improve what we do. In the future, it will easily integrate with new technology to provide new services. It is replacing an aging, unsustainable system that is approaching the end of its useful life.

At its core, the SIS supports course registration, grade reporting, student records, transcripts, admissions, financial aid, billing, degree audits and advising, and feeds many other specialized systems across campus. Our UNI team has been working side-by-side with our consultants from Ciber, Inc. to implement a series of new modules.

A number of milestones have occurred over the summer. In May, the new MyUniverse portal was launched. In June, the new online UNI application for admission became available to applicants. In July, Campus Solutions Admissions module went live. In August, communication tools to support Admissions recruiting were launched.

Financial Aid is scheduled to go-live in spring, 2011 and Student Records, Academic Advising and Registration will follow in summer, 2011. Student Financials is scheduled to be ready in fall, 2011.

Transitioning to a new system is always a challenge. It will take us all some time to learn about the new capabilities of the system and to accomplish tasks that we have done in the old system but will need to re-learn in the new system. Because we know this will be a challenge and because we know how important it is, we have retained a dedicated trainer who is now playing a significant role in the implementation.

Rachel Jones, SIS training coordinator, has provided information updates to 182 faculty and staff at 8 sessions over the summer, and will continue to host sessions in the fall. Each session includes an overview of the overall system, project time line, new terminology and the basics of navigation. To register for information sessions, select the link to the left.

Thanks for your continued support of this critical project.

Terry Hogan
Vice President for Student Affairs