Level 1 Weather Activities

Note to the teachers: The following activities need to be done sequentially as each lesson builds on concepts learned in previous lessons. If your students have a good understanding of Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures, you might consider bypassing the first two activities and begin with Activity 3-Patterns of Temperature.

Activity 1: What's the Temperature?
Activity 2: Where Is it Hot or Cold?
Activity 3: Patterns of Temperature
Activity 4: Clouds Over Your Head
Activity 5: Weather Station Plots
Activity 6: Where Did the Water Go?
Activity 7: Weather Maps and Fronts
Activity 8: Which Way Does the Wind Blow?
Activity 9: How Fast Does the Wind Blow?
Activity 10: Highs and Lows: Patterns in the Wind
Activity 11: Do the Dewpoint!
Activity 12: Air Masses
Activity 13: Weather Around Highs and Lows