Experiences in Inquiry – STORM Project Resources

Professor Alan Czarnetzki

STORM Project

STORM Forecasting Exercise        

Resources for Surface Weather Observations

            Time          UTC Time Conversion Table          METAR Identifiers          ASOS sites          ASOS map

            Basic Weather Map Symbols                                       

Climatology:     MCW              DSM                ALO             OTM               DBQ                   CID

                        Climate Data for the U.S.

Persistence:      Hourly Reports in plain language (reports contain 6-hourly highs and lows at appropriate times)         

University of Wyoming has detailed hourly reports in UTC

Perfect Prog:    Model Graphs


National Weather Service Offices

               Des Moines Office of the National Weather Service           Davenport Office of the National Weather Service

               La Crosse Office of the National Weather Service             National Weather Service


Professional Societies in Meteorology

            The American Meteorological Society

            The National Weather Association           Central Iowa Chapter