EARTHSCI 3210/5210   Meteorology

Spring 2023

Professor Alan Czarnetzki

Weather Briefing Resources                                                               The American Meteorological Society

Current Weather Conditions at UNI                                                              Journals Online          

STORM Forecasting Exercise                                                                       AMS Policy Statements

Model Display Resource        Model Documentation                         The National Weather Association           Central Iowa Chapter

IA Mesonet                                                                                         Air and Waste Management Association

NCDC State of the Climate                CPC Outlooks                         UCAR Internships in Atmospheric Science

November 1998 Midlatitude Cyclone                                                National Hurricane Center     

Glossary of Meteorology                                                                    Smithsonian Meteorological Tables, 1918 edition

International Cloud Atlas                                                                   e-Journal of Severe Storms Meteorology

NY Times Essay:  The Weatherman Is Not a Moron     (Original)


Lab 1 Resources:

Time          UTC Time Conversion Table           UTC and Local Clocks         Common Wind Directions       Temperature Conversion

METAR Station Identifiers:  #1   #2          Airport Site Info           WBAN Numbers          Station Networks from IEM

METAR Handbook (FMH#1)          FAA Surface Weather Observations Manual           ASOS User’s Guide - 1998  (Users Guide and Appendices from 1998)

Fed. Met Handbook No. 12         National Weather Service terms and acronyms

           METAR data:  University of Wyoming

Lab 2 Resources:

            WPC Surface Analysis Products         WPC Surface Analysis/Radar Loop        STORM Plots          Present Weather Symbols   2

            Surface Analysis Archive        NCEP Daily Weather Maps 2003 to Present        Make Your Own Plots

            Local Climatological Data (Older Version)         Local Climatological Data

            Plotted Data:  Aviation Weather Center

Lab 4 Resources:

            Fed. Met. Handbook No. 3     

      Upper Air Plots and Maps:   P500-00Z   P500-12Z     P850     P700     P300     College of DuPage     NCAR RAP Site     University of Wyoming


                                                      NOAA/ESRL Radiosonde Database (archive)

Lab 7 Resources:

            SPC Upper Air Climatology               Precipitable Water Forecast and % of Normal              DataStreme Precipitable Water Plot (divide by 2540 to get inches)

            Satellite Derived Total Precipitable Water         SuomiNet

Lab 8 Resources:

            NOAA Satellite Data            

NOAA Radar Operations Center        Dual-Polarization Radar Training for NWS Partners    

Lab 9 Resources:

            SkewT Diagram          SkewT Diagram – printable version

Current Soundings:  SkewT Diagrams from College of DuPage        SPC Sounding Analyses       UNI’s Radiometer

            Forecast SkewTs All models, one time        One model, all times                            SPC Convective Outlook