Student Research

Name Graduation Thesis Topic Degree
Francois Bera 2004 Modeling and Measuring the Dispersion of Odors from Hog Confinements [Abstract] MS Environmental Science
Olga Korotkova 2005 Atmospheric Aerosol Measurement over Iowa [Abstract] MS Environmental Science
Svetlana Korotkova 2005 Simulation of Particulate Matter Distribution over Iowa Using the WRF-CHEM (The Weather Research and Forecast Model with Chemical Processes) [Abstract] MS Environmental Science
Keshab Simkhada 2007 A Dispersion Modeling Approach to Determine the Maximum Sulfur Dioxide Exposure Area in Cedar Rapids, Iowa [Abstract] MS Environmental Science

Ongoing Research

The STORM Project at UNI has obtained new equipment for studying the atmosphere. The equipment will be used by students and research staff for remote sensing of the atmosphere.

New in 2009: a Sound Detection and Ranging instrument (SoDAR), a Microwave Temperatur Profiler, and a Light Detection and Ranging instrument (LiDAR).

Atmospheric Systems Corp. miniSoDAR
Radiometrics Corp. MP2500A Microwave Profiler [Click for Profiler Observations]
Raymetrics LB-S-11-U-200 Scanning LiDAR [October20] [October21] [Troubleshoot_Images]