First Generation Students Abroad

As a person who may be the first to attend college in your family, studying abroad can seem like an intimidating experience that brings up many questions and concerns. The Study Abroad Center (SAC) would like to help ease some of those worries and prepare students to the best of our ability for their study abroad experience. When deciding on which study abroad program is right for you, it is important to consider factors such as academics and finances. Our website includes information about eligibility requirements, steps to prepare for study abroad, and how to apply for scholarships/financial aid. For more assistance, the Center for Diversity, Inclusion & Social Justice offers a wide range of quality services to provide support for UNI students.

Questions to Consider

  • What are my goals for studying abroad? How can I best explain these to friends and family who may not be familiar with study abroad experiences and their benefits?

  • What is my host city and country like? Consider doing some research on the country’s geography, culture, history, language, etc. 

  • What is the estimated program cost? Are there any scholarships available that I can apply for? Should I meet with a Financial Aid Advisor to help me budget and plan for expenses? Take time to research and ask about tuition and program costs, expenses for groceries, passport and/or visa fees, cost of airfare, additional out-of-pocket expenses, etc.

  • What support networks are in place to help while I’m abroad? Who can I lean on to help me navigate and adjust to being in another country?

  • How much am I willing to spend on trips and activities? Is it important for me to find friends and peers who share the same preferences for how they plan on spending their time and money abroad?

  • What are the best free or low-cost opportunities available in my host country and city? Consider asking SAC staff about recommendations they may have.