LGBTQ+ Students Abroad

When spending time abroad, sexual orientation and gender identity/expression can be viewed by people in many different ways. Some countries may have strict or discriminatory laws in place, while others may be more accepting and affirming of your identity. At the Study Abroad Center, we hope to provide realistic expectations for UNI students in order to promote a positive study abroad experience. Before departing to go abroad, doing some research on how people that identify as LGBTQ+ can help you be more aware of possible differential treatment in relation to your identity. For specific support related to LGBTQIA+ issues, Gender & Sexuality Services (GSS) creates a safe space on campus where you can discuss international experiences and how to navigate your sexual orientation and/or gender identity abroad.

Questions to Consider

  • What are the laws regarding sexuality and gender identity in this country? Which potential laws and/or policies might make me feel uncomfortable or unsafe?

  • Is access to gender-affirming care abroad important to me? What resources are available to support the LGBTQ+ community?

  • What are the cultural norms for dating and relationships in this country?

  • What is the LGBTQ+ community like in my host country or host city? How do members of the community present themselves within society?

  • Is it safe for me to be out while I’m abroad? Are there any patterns of violence or discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community?