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Academics: Individual Instruction Opportunities
Resources are available if you wish to strengthen your reading, writing, and learning Services, (273-6023), offers both short, informal courses and individual instruction to help in the development of efficient reading and learning skills. The Center for Academic Achievement, (273-2346), offers individual instruction to help in the improvement of writing and mathematics skills. See

English Language Assistance

If you are joining UNI from another culture and have limited English proficiency, contact the Office of International Programs and investigate the Culture and Intensive English Program. Once you have been through this program, you may then consider receiving further academic assistance for speed-reading, mathematics, writing, or even preparation for the PPST.

College of Education Advising Center (elementary and early childhood majors)
Rod Library Room 364

Department of Teaching (Student Teaching & Level I and II Field Experiences)
Dr. Terri Lasswell Head
Rod Library Room 454

Student Teaching Placement Secretary
Tami Powers
Rod Library Rood 454

UNI Career Services

Tracey Godon, Senior Assistant Director

Teacher Licensure Contacts


Office of Teacher Education
Rod Library, Room 365

Coordinator, Elementary Education
Dr. James Cryer
Rod Library, Room 366

Coordinator, Secondary Education
Chad Christopher
Seerley Hall, Room 328

Records Analyst

Julie Johnson
Rod Library, Room 365

Secretary II
Lori Wurtz
McCollum Science Hall, Room 153