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Detailed Table of Contents


Article 1: Recognition

Article 2: United Faculty Rights
Article 3: Evaluation Procedures
Article 4: Personnel Files
Article 5: Staff Reduction
Article 6: Summer Employment
Article 7: Leaves
Article 8: Salaries
Article 9: Insurance
Article 10: Grievance Period
Article 11: Appeal/Termination*
Article 12: Deductions
Article 13: Health and Safety
Article 14: Transfer
Article 15: Compliance Clause
Article 16: Duration/Signatures

Memo: Conformance with Dental Insurance Provisions

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Previous Contracts
July 1, 1997 - June 30, 1999
July 1, 1999 - June 30, 2001

Faculty Master Agreement
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* Appeal of Denial of Tenure, Failure to Promote, Non-Renewal of Probationary appointments, Termination of Term Appointments before the end of the appointment, and Recommendations to Terminate a Tenured Faculty Member
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Section 12.0 United Faculty Deductions

Subdivision 12.01 Authorization Form
The United Faculty shall provide Human Resources with a signed authorization, on a form approved by United Faculty and the Board, from each member for whom deductions are to be made, setting forth the amount to be deducted. The authorization forms shall be submitted fifteen (15) days prior to the University's monthly payroll date on which the deductions are to commence. The authorization may be terminated as provided by law (Appendix E).

Subdivision 12.02 Deduction and Transmittal
Pursuant to a deduction authorization, the Board shall deduct the amount specified on the deduction authorization form from the salary check of the Faculty Member each month for ten (10) months, beginning in August and ending in May of each year or consistent with twelve (12) month pay option. The Board will transmit to the United Faculty the total deduction of dues within ten (10) days after each pay period. Faculty Members who begin dues deduction after August shall have the amount specified on the deduction authorization form deducted in the remaining months of employment through May.

Subdivision 12.03 Hold Harmless
The United Faculty agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Board, each individual Board member, and all administrators against any and all claims, costs, suits, or other forms of liability and all court costs arising out of the application of the provisions in the Agreement between the parties for dues deduction except that nothing in this Section shall absolve the Board from its obligation to transmit to United Faculty, in accordance with this Article, all monies collected by the Board for United Faculty pursuant to this article.

Section 12.1 Other Deductions
Upon appropriate written authorization from the Faculty Member, the Board shall deduct from the salary of any Faculty Member and make appropriate remittance for approved annuities, the UNI Credit Union, University health insurance, the Cedar Valley United Way, and other plans, programs, and agencies approved by both the Board and United Faculty.

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