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Detailed Table of Contents


Article 1: Recognition

Article 2: United Faculty Rights
Article 3: Evaluation Procedures
Article 4: Personnel Files
Article 5: Staff Reduction
Article 6: Summer Employment
Article 7: Leaves
Article 8: Salaries
Article 9: Insurance
Article 10: Grievance Period
Article 11: Appeal/Termination*
Article 12: Deductions
Article 13: Health and Safety
Article 14: Transfer
Article 15: Compliance Clause
Article 16: Duration/Signatures

Memo: Conformance with Dental Insurance Provisions

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Previous Contracts
July 1, 1997 - June 30, 1999
July 1, 1999 - June 30, 2001

Faculty Master Agreement
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* Appeal of Denial of Tenure, Failure to Promote, Non-Renewal of Probationary appointments, Termination of Term Appointments before the end of the appointment, and Recommendations to Terminate a Tenured Faculty Member
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Section 2.0 University Facilities
United Faculty may use University facilities for meetings in accordance with procedures approved and administered by the Office or designee of the Vice President for Administration and Finance and contingent upon payment of direct costs.

Section 2.1 Report Materials
The Board shall furnish to United Faculty as soon as available the annual financial statement, adopted budget, the IPEDS reports for all three Regents universities, annual report entitled "Salaries of Instructional Faculty" and regular cost of instruction study. By October 1 the Board will furnish in an electronic format compatible with the United Faculty database the Salary Distribution of Bargaining Unit Members with the names, titles, status, rank, college, department, years in current rank, year of hire, individual adjustment, minimum salary, and promotion, monies. Other requested institutional public documents will be provided at cost. Nothing herein shall require the employer to research and assemble information.

Section 2.2 Board Meeting Minutes
The Board shall provide to United Faculty one complete copy of the official minutes of each Board meeting.

Section 2.3 Board Meeting Agenda
The Board shall provide to United Faculty one copy of the agenda, with University of Northern Iowa institutional docket exhibits, as available to the University, for Board meetings and an opportunity to copy other docket exhibits as soon as available on the campus.

Section 2.4 United Faculty Facilities
The Board shall provide for United Faculty office space and a telephone and computer connection. United Faculty shall be responsible for furnishing the office and for paying telephone and computer related charges.

Section 2.5 Other Services
United Faculty shall have access to use of printing, duplicating, data processing, addressing, and other services approved by the Office of the President for usual and customary charges.

Section 2.6 Names and Salaries
The Board shall provide to United Faculty the names and current salaries of members of the bargaining unit on or about October 1 and March 1 of each year of the Agreement.

Section 2.7 Meet and Confer - Parking
Prior to implementation of any changes in rules and regulations affecting faculty parking, the University will afford opportunity to the United Faculty to meet and confer on such changes.

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