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Detailed Table of Contents


Article 1: Recognition

Article 2: United Faculty Rights
Article 3: Evaluation Procedures
Article 4: Personnel Files
Article 5: Staff Reduction
Article 6: Summer Employment
Article 7: Leaves
Article 8: Salaries
Article 9: Insurance
Article 10: Grievance Period
Article 11: Appeal/Termination*
Article 12: Deductions
Article 13: Health and Safety
Article 14: Transfer
Article 15: Compliance Clause
Article 16: Duration/Signatures

Memo: Conformance with Dental Insurance Provisions

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Faculty Master Agreement
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* Appeal of Denial of Tenure, Failure to Promote, Non-Renewal of Probationary appointments, Termination of Term Appointments before the end of the appointment, and Recommendations to Terminate a Tenured Faculty Member

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Section 7.0 Professional Development Assignment

Subdivision 7.01 Definition
A Professional Development Assignment is a paid semester or academic year assignment awarded to a Faculty Member to undertake approved programs of study, research, or other professional activity.

Subdivision 7.02 Compensation
A Professional Development Assignment is awarded for one semester at regular salary or for an academic year at fifty percent (50%) of regular salary.

Paragraph 7.021
Insurance and retirement benefits are maintained during the period of a Professional Development Assignment.

Paragraph 7.022
The Board may place limits on compensation received for professional services performed during the period of a Professional Development Assignment.

Subdivision 7.03 Eligibility

Paragraph 7.031
Tenured Faculty Members are eligible to apply for a Professional Development Assignment.

Paragraph 7.032
A recipient of a Professional Development Assignment is ineligible for a subsequent assignment during the three (3) years following an award.

Subdivision 7.04 Service or Financial Obligation

Paragraph 7.041
The recipient of a Professional Development Assignment agrees to return to full-time employment for one academic year following the year of the award.

Paragraph 7.042
Failure to meet the conditions of Paragraph 7.041 obligates the Faculty Member to pay the University an amount equal to all salaries and benefits received during the period of the assignment. If the Faculty Member returns for part of the requisite period the payback shall be adjusted pro rata.

Paragraph 7.043
Every Faculty Member while on Professional Development Assignment shall be considered to be in regular full-time employment in the position from which the assignment is being taken during the period of said assignment, for the purpose of determining the Faculty Member's length of service.

Subdivision 7.05 Procedure

Paragraph 7.051
A request for a Professional Development Assignment must be submitted no later than October 1 preceding the academic year in which the proposed assignment will be taken.

Paragraph 7.052
A recipient must follow the program proposed in the Professional Development Assignment application unless a variance is approved by the Professional Development Assignment Committee, subject to concurrence by the Vice President and Provost.

Paragraph 7.053
Evaluation of applications for Professional Development Assignments will be carried out by a faculty committee chaired by the Vice President and Provost or her/his designee without vote. Recommendations of the committee will be subject to approval by the President and the Board. Recommendations for awards shall be sent to United Faculty when they are sent to the President.

Subdivision 7.06 Availability
Any Professional Development Assignment granted to untenured faculty pursuant to any special program of the Board shall not operate to diminish the number of Professional Development Assignments made available to tenured faculty.

Section 7.1 Sick Leave

Subdivision 7.11 Definition
Sick leave is leave with regular pay granted for personal injury or illness (including pregnancy). A Faculty Member may use sick leave, not to exceed five (5) days per academic year, for serious illness involving necessary care and attention for the Faculty Member's spouse, minor child, domestic partner, parent, or adoption of child. For purposes of this subdivision, the term domestic partner shall be as defined by Board of Regents, State of Iowa, policies at the University of Iowa (October 1992) and applicable procedures for qualification shall be as provided in said policy.

Subdivision 7.12 Record
The Board will maintain a record of accumulated sick leave for each member of the unit and each Faculty Member shall annually be informed of the amount accumulated.

Subdivision 7.13 Accrual

Paragraph 7.131
On the first (1st) day of each semester, nine (9) days will be added to the accumulated sick leave of each member of the unit holding a full-time appointment. Fractional credit, to the nearest day, will be credited to each member on a fractional appointment. If the Faculty Member's first (1st) working day is earlier than the regular first (1st) working day of the semester, the nine (9) days will be credited on such first (1st) working day.

Paragraph 7.132
The maximum accumulated sick leave credit shall be one hundred twenty (120) days. Sick leave shall not accrue during an unpaid leave of absence.

Subdivision 7.14 Deductions
A Faculty Member is on sick leave on any day on which she/he misses classes or other University obligations, or is absent from campus for half or more of a day due to injury, illness, or medical appointments. A Faculty Member's sick leave account will be charged a maximum of five (5) days in any given week.

Subdivision 7.15 Leave Request

Paragraph 7.151
A Faculty Member who proposes to take or takes sick leave must file an official Faculty Absence Request form in time sufficient to permit accommodation to her/his responsibilities whenever possible.

Paragraph 7.152
The Board may request medical proof if absences are excessive or of questionable validity.

Subdivision 7.16 Eligibility

Paragraph 7.161
Sick leave pay will not be made to a member of the faculty during an academic period in which the Faculty Member does not hold a paid appointment.

Paragraph 7.162
When a Faculty Member is on sick leave at the commencement of a new semester the sick leave accrual shall not take place unless and until the Faculty Member returns to regular duties.

Subdivision 7.17 Lay Off - Recall
When a Faculty Member is laid off any unused accumulated sick leave shall be restored provided that the Faculty Member is returned to active service by the University in accordance with Article Five (Staff Reduction).

Subdivision 7.18 Compensation
Compensation during sick leave will be equal to regular compensation less the amount the Faculty Member receives from disability benefits and/or Workers' Compensation.

Section 7.2 Sick Leave Payout

Subdivision 7.21 Cash Payment Option
Effective July 1, 1981, upon retirement, a Faculty Member shall receive cash payment for accumulated unused sick leave in accordance with Chapter 70A.23 of the Code of Iowa (1993) as amended by Chapter 2.42 of the Iowa Acts (1979) as in effect as of February 27, 1981, payable during the pay period preceding the Faculty Member's retirement date.

Subdivision 7.22 Premium Payment Option
Effective July 1, 1981, if a Faculty Member so chooses, payment will be made for monthly premiums for health or life insurance or both in lieu of cash payment in accordance with Chapter 79.23 of the Code of Iowa (1979) as amended by Chapter 2.42 of the Iowa Acts (1979) as in effect as of February 27, 1981, so that the coverage provided is continuous.

Section 7.3 Jury Leave

Subdivision 7.31 Continued Earnings
A Faculty Member who is called for jury service shall be permitted to be absent from her/his duties without loss of pay and without charge against any leave.

Subdivision 7.32 Jury Service Pay
Pay received for jury service shall be reported and remitted to the University, less any travel or personal expense reimbursed for the jury service.

Subdivision 7.33 Absence Request
To receive pay under this Section, the Faculty Member must complete an official Faculty Absence Request form and may be required to furnish satisfactory evidence that such service was performed on the days for which payment is claimed.

Subdivision 7.34 Return
A Faculty Member not required to perform jury duty all day shall return to work.

Section 7.4 Educational, Conference, Research, and Bereavement Leaves

Subdivision 7.41 Short-term Leaves

Paragraph 7.411
The University may grant paid, short-term leaves for Faculty Members to be absent from campus duties for educational and research purposes, conferences, and other professional activities. Short-term leaves are normally for periods of a week or less, though they may be longer at the discretion of the University.

Paragraph 7.412
The University may grant short-term paid bereavement leaves.

Paragraph 7.413
Leaves for purposes of consulting or for professional activities, for which remuneration is received, may average no more than one (1) day per week during an academic term.

Subdivision 7.42 Long-term Leaves
The University may grant paid or unpaid leaves of up to one (1) calendar year to carry out research and/or educational activities supported under grants, contracts, fellowships, or University research awards. The University, at its discretion, may renew such a leave.

Subdivision 7.43 Summer Research Fellowships

Paragraph 7.431
For the 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 appointment years, the Board agrees to allocate not less than one hundred thirty five thousand, two hundred dollars ($135,200) each year as stipends for summer research fellowships.

Paragraph 7.432
Summer research fellowships shall be either full-time (eight weeks) or half-time (four weeks). Full-time summer research fellowships shall carry a stipend of at least five thousand two hundred dollars ($5,200) for the 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 appointment years. The stipend for fellowships of a shorter duration shall be prorated.

Subdivision 7.44 Military Leave

Paragraph 7.441
Military leave is granted in accord with Section 29A.28 of the Code of Iowa.

Paragraph 7.442
Military leave shall be without pay except as otherwise provided by the laws of the state of Iowa.

Subdivision 7.45 Public Office Leave
Faculty Members elected or appointed to a full-time public office shall be granted an unpaid leave of absence for a maximum of four (4) years.

Subdivision 7.46 Terminal Degree Leave
Any tenured Faculty Member who lacks a terminal degree or equivalent in his or her current area of teaching and research specialization may be granted, upon request, a year's leave without pay for the purpose of working toward that degree. Such leave of absence may be renewable for a second (2nd) year, if necessary, for the completion of the degree.

Subdivision 7.47 Professional or Personal Leaves
Faculty Members may be granted paid or unpaid leaves of absence for professional or personal reasons with the consent of the Board.

Subdivision 7.48 Child Care Leave
A Faculty Member shall be granted an unpaid leave of absence, for a period not to exceed one semester, when a Faculty Member becomes a parent through childbirth or adoption of a child of less than 13 years of age. The University shall not be obligated to grant the leave to more than one parent, if both parents are employed by the University. To be eligible for this leave, a Faculty Member must provide 60 calendar days of written notice whenever practicable.

Section 7.5 Absence Request Form

Subdivision 7.51 Approval
All absences covered under this Article require the approvals set forth on an official Faculty Absence Request form which must be completed in its entirety, except in emergencies, unusual circumstances, or as otherwise provided in this Article, at least five (5) class days prior to the absence.

Subdivision 7.52 Reimbursements
Reimbursement of expenses under this Article is contingent upon the timely filing of an Absence Request form and approval of expenses.

Section 7.6 Travel and Related Expenses
During the 2001-2002 year, the Board agrees to allocate no less than the sum of two hundred ninety thousand dollars ($290,000) for faculty travel. During the 2002-2003 year, the Board agrees to allocate no less than the sum of three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000) for faculty travel.

Section 7.7 Fringe Benefits During Leaves
Any Faculty Member on paid leave shall receive regular fringe benefits. Any Faculty Member on unpaid leave shall have the option of making contributions sufficient to maintain full and continuous coverage on any or all fringe benefits during the time of the leave, subject to regulations set by the carrier.

Section 7.8 Retraining Leave
A retraining leave is a one- (1-) year leave without compensation which shall be granted, upon request, to a Faculty Member who has received notice of layoff, to assist the Faculty Member to undertake a program of study to enable the Faculty Member to qualify for recall rights pursuant to Article Five (Staff Reduction) to this Agreement.

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