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Liberal Arts Core Review Steering Committee (LAC-RSC)



LAC-RSC Final Report - August 2011


LAC-RSC Survey Results

Sample LAC Perception Survey

Proposed LAC Revision Process


Revised LAC Models

Fall Faculty Workshop Information

-- Workshop Comments
-- PowerPoint Presentations:

Meeting Minutes


Committee Charge

History of the Liberal Arts Core

LAC Purposes and Goals

Assessment of Learning in the Liberal Arts Core


Brown Bag Podcasts

1/25/10 - Peer Institutions' LAC Requirements - Presentation by Jake Rudy and Siobahn Morgan

LAC - GE Comparisons


2/08/10 - Peer Institutions' LAC Requirements - Presentation by Jake Rudy and Siobahn Morgan


LAC - GE Comparisons


2/15/10 - The First Year in the LAC – What Should be Our Learning Outcomes - Presentation by

April Chatham-Carpenter

FY Learning Goals
First-Year Learning Goals & Outcomes (draft)

2/22/10 - An Alternative Model for General Education: Grand Valley State University - Presentation by

Susan Hill and Siobahn Morgan

3/1/10 - Using the Qualities of an Educated Person (QEP) Project to Think About the LAC - Presentation by

Ira Simet and Jerry Soneson
Presentation in PowerPoint Format

Presentation in .pdf

3/5/10 - General Education: A Core Knowledge Approach - Presentation by Jerry Smith


3/29/10 - Another Model of General Education: Truman State University - Presentation by Melissa Payne


4/9/10 - Sustainability Education and the Liberal Arts Curriculum: Central College's Journey -

Presentation by Zaffiro, Professor of Political Science, Central College, Pella, Iowa



Student/Faculty Liberal Arts Core Survey Results

Student Survey Results

Faculty Survey Results

Readings on the Liberal Arts

Raising The Bar Employers’ Views On College Learning In The Wake Of The Economic Downturn. A Survey Among Employers Conducted on Behalf of: The Association Of American Colleges And Universities

The Quality Imperative - Match Ambitious Goals for College Attainment with an Ambitious Vision for Learning.
A Statement from the Board of Directors of the Association of American Colleges and Universities

Inside Higher Ed 1 24 10 AAC&U Quality_Imperative_2010

Harvard's Crisis of Faith - Can a secular university embrace religion without sacrificing its soul?
Newsweek, Published February 11, 2010