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The University of Northern Iowa 
North Central Association Accreditation Process

Charge to the Steering Committee
April 28, 1999

As you know, this semester the University of Northern Iowa begins the 
critical process of North Central Association re-accreditation.  I sincerely 
value your willingness to accept this significant responsibility and the 
commitment inherent in the leadership role you begin today.  I look 
forward to working closely with each of you.

As you may know, the NCA process serves two fundamental purposes: 
quality assurance and institutional and program improvement.  The 
accreditation process offers us an opportunity for 
introspection    reflection upon both our recent ten-year history and 
our vision for the future.  By embracing this opportunity, we will fulfill 
the requirements for re-accreditation status as a North Central institution 
as well as chart a future that enables us to further realize our own mission.

As members of the Steering Committee, you are the university leaders 
who will, more than any others participants in this process, define what 
it will be and, in the end, be responsible for the outcome.  Your work in 
the self-study process is critical to the future success of the University
and must remain a high priority relative to other university commitments 
during the next two years.  In that effort, you are charged with assisting 
in the development and implementation of various facets of the self-study,
soliciting input from a wide range of constituencies within the university 
and collaborating with individuals and groups in assembling the 
self-study report.

President Koob and I are keenly aware of the magnitude of the task 
before you, and intend to invest the resources necessary to support 
and enhance your efforts.  We are committed, as an institution, to 
achieving re-accreditation as a North Central Institution and also the 
institutional improvement that accompanies such an undertaking. 

Again, thank you for your commitment to the University of Northern Iowa 
and to NCA re-accreditation process.  I am certain that our collective 
efforts will lead to success.

Aaron Podolefsky, Ph.D.
Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs


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