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Decision-Making Processes that are Appropriate to the University's Stated Mission and Purposes

The decision-making processes at UNI for the latter half of the accreditation period have been characterized by a transition to a relatively decentralized environment and by an evolution toward consensus-building within that environment. With a strong tradition of service to students, members of the University community have grown accustomed to having more control over day-to-day budget and programmatic matters and have gradually learned the power of consensus-building to further the common successes of the University.

Several examples demonstrate the appropriateness of this combination of decentralization and consensus: "Qualities of an Educated Person," a very productive, campus-wide, multi-year dialogue to identify desired qualities of UNI graduates; the "Leading, Building, Sharing" capital campaign; and a new Integrated Marketing program. Another hallmark of the Koob administration has been a commitment to accessible and powerful technology that makes decision-oriented information directly available to constituents at their desktops. Our new decision-making processes appear to be more closely aligning the University's practices with its principles.


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