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Efforts to Keep the Public Informed of the University's Institutional and Educational Goals

The University's mission and goals are shared on an on-going basis with everyone on campus and the larger community through the presence of the strategic plan, and much other information, on the World Wide Web. Anyone accessing UNI's homepage ( will find easy access to the current strategic plan. Also, during the drafting of a new strategic plan, faculty, staff, and students were encouraged and given ample opportunity to review the progress and offer input. Similarly those outside the University had the opportunity to check the progress, as well.

Another method of sharing the University's mission and goals involves the Constituency Relations Management Group that was formed in Fall 1995. Chaired by the Director of Public Relations, with membership from outreach-oriented offices such as Admissions, Alumni Relations, Development, Placement, and Continuing Education, this group assists the University in its efforts to develop coordinated, comprehensive and consistent communications enhancing the awareness of UNI, both on and off campus.

Members of the University community, including the President, Cabinet members, faculty, staff, and students, have been conducting a comprehensive and consistent "Community Visitation" program for the past several years. This effort brings an energetic and well-rounded University presence to selected communities for a day, focusing on community connections to UNI, such as current students and alumni from the local area, and on local service activities. While these experiences provide the opportunity to share with local residents information about the University's mission, goals, and activities, they are also valuable in terms of getting input from the residents regarding their perceptions of the University and how it could better serve them.

In another major initiative, led by President Koob and the Office of Public Relations, the University embarked in 1998 on a series of "Envisioning Education" presentations throughout the State. By both invitation and initiation, the President and senior-level representatives from throughout the academic and administrative divisions made thought-provoking presentations to service groups, guided by mutually developed PowerPoint slides and other visual aids. The presentations focused on both the future of higher education in general and the University's role in that future.


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