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Qualified and Experienced Administrative Personnel

The University of Northern Iowa considers good administration by skilled leaders to be one of its strongest assets. The current holders of higher offices and the process for bringing skilled administrators to the University are both exemplary.

University policies and procedures (see at define the process for recruiting, nominating and appointing administrators and academic department heads, while Board of Regents personnel rules (see at also establish policy for the appointment of administrative leaders at the institution.

The Faculty Senate authorized review of the University presidency on October 18, 1976, and periodic evaluations have been conducted since the spring of 1977. Dr. Koob began his service to the University of Northern Iowa in the Fall of 1995 and was reviewed by the faculty in spring 2000 (see

For the purpose of encouraging a broader dialogue on the University presidency and President Koob's performance, a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate, Faculty Senate Chair, Chair of the Faculty, and Graduate Faculty Chair modified the traditional procedure. A new survey instrument was developed and a web link was created for accessing two documents: a self-evaluation prepared at the request of the evaluation committee by President Koob (and required annually by the Board of Regents); and a review of selected research literature prepared by Dr. Roger Sell, Director of the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching, on "Selected Contributions of the Research Literature on Colleges and Universities and the Role Performance of Effective Presidents."

The new survey questionnaire was sent to each member of the faculty by March 1, 2000. Although the response rate was low (only 28.4 percent on average and 32 percent from full professors), responses were very positive of most aspects of the President's performance and initiatives, while some issues were mentioned both as a strength and as a weakness, reflecting differences in faculty opinion. The primary recommendation of the Presidential Committee was that President Koob consult more with the faculty to discuss his philosophy and perspectives.

As a result of UNI's commitment to excellence in leadership, the institution can take pride in the academic and intellectual accomplishments as well as the administrative experience of its leaders.


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