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Financial Expenditures Demonstrating Commitment to Teaching and Learning

The Board of Regents, State of Iowa, requires the University of Northern Iowa and the other Regent institutions to develop strategic plans and tie budget requests to strategic goals. The Board Office prepares an annual calendar of governance reports (see Appendix I; Additional information is available in the NCA Report Appendix. Print copies are available for review at UNI's Rod Library) with preliminary review of institutional strategic plans scheduled for the November Board meeting and final review scheduled in December. UNI has developed a process of strategic planning that impacts the budget planning process, encourages input from constituencies, and proactively targets resources to teaching and learning initiatives.

Strategic Planning and the Distributed Budget
Within months of his arrival at the University of Northern Iowa in 1995, President Koob addressed a letter to the UNI community to explain the strategic planning process that would guide UNI's budget planning, and he outlined how budgets would be developed and implemented. This new process now guides the development and implementation of the University's operating budget as stated in the Introduction for the Proposed Final Budget FY 2000 (see
"This is the third year for campus-wide participation in the budget
process. Each year has resulted in increased advanced planning
and participation in the generation of requests and proposals from
across the campus for the Cabinet to consider at the beginning of
its deliberations."

All UNI constituents are invited to participate in recommending new budget initiatives. Each Vice President and the Executive Assistant to the President provides a consultative process to solicit budget proposals from their unit. Following Cabinet discussion, a draft is put on the Web and is available to all University constituents, who are encouraged to provide e-mail responses directly to the Cabinet via the Budget Director. The Cabinet provides further online opportunities for review of proposed budgets when it has produced its "near-final" draft, and the final draft several weeks later is published on the Web as it is presented to the Board of Regents. Reviewers are repeatedly encouraged to make requests that reflect the strategic plan, indicate measurable outcomes, and are capable of generating political support. The University budget development calendar is accessible at

As mandated by the Board of Regents, the University of Northern Iowa has established, as a budget target, the reallocation of at least two percent of the University budget each fiscal year to assure continuing efforts to align University spending with strategic planning goals. The underlying assumption is that the great majority of the budget already is being spent to meet University goals. Modest adjustment is necessary at regular intervals to accommodate a changing educational environment. Reallocations are reported annually to the Board of Regents.


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