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H. Staff and faculty service contributes to the institution's effectiveness

The primary University mission is achieved through accomplishments in teaching, research and creative activity, and public and professional service. However, behind the scenes and often not visible to external constituents, a university of quality functions as an effective academic community. Values expressed in UNI's Strategic PlanÜsuch as intellectual and academic freedom, an ethical, caring and diverse community, and the well being of all students, faculty and staffÜare nurtured through the quality of relationships among faculty, students, staff, and administrators. Individual commitments to serve one another within the University are the bedrock of contributions to academic community. In which ways does UNI staff and faculty service at the department, college, or campus-wide levels contribute to the institution's effectiveness? Does the University exemplify a model community in a democratic society?

The vast majority of faculty and staff provide effective service to their departments. The contributions of staff and faculty to the institution's effectiveness are well documented, prolific and exemplary. All faculty and staff participate in one or more of the following activities:

1. Mentoring

2. Service on committees at the department, college, and University levels

3. Service as faculty supervisors/sponsors of student organizations, student clubs, and honor societies on campus

4. Non-paid lectures and workshops on campus, in the community, and schools

5. Service to professional organizations and on boards of directors

6. Clinics, workshops, and adjudication duties both off and on campus (such as at the Iowa All-State Festival, the Tall Corn Jazz Festival and juried art exhibitions around the State of Iowa)

7. Brochure and poster design, publicity, financial and/or other consultant services related to aspects of the professional and practical nature of the department.

8. Organization of events, such as the Celebrating Critical Writing Conference and Foreign Language Day

9. Volunteer assistance (such as fund raising or committee work to non-profit organizations in the arts or health and human services)

10. Non-paid performances in area schools and on campus (such as the annual Scholarship Benefit Concerts)

11. Involvement in University, collegiate, and departmental governance, the University curricular processes, and strategic planning initiatives.

Our mission, values, and culture emphasize faculty and staff participation that advances the institution's overall effectiveness. Maintaining safe conditions, enhancing child care services, and increasing opportunities for interaction and participation are additional ways in which we propose to foster a supportive living, learning and working environment with services and programs that promote individual well being and organizational effectiveness (2001-2006 Strategic Plan, Goal 5.0, Objectives 5.1-5.4).


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