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Continuous Assessment Processes

At the highest administrative level, the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, has established a series of governance reports to help carry out its assessment, oversight, and fiduciary responsibilities. (Additional information is avavilable in the NCA Report Appendix. Print copies are available for review at UNI's Rod Library). These reports include such items as annual institutional reports on academic program review and student outcomes assessment, faculty productivity, distance education, and faculty tenure. The Annual Report on Performance Indicators assesses progress toward various institutional goals, ten of which are common data sets for all three Regent institutions in Iowa. (See Annual Report on Performance Indicators, December, 2000.) The University of Northern Iowa's performance is also reflected in reports to external agencies, such as IPEDS and national surveys.

As already discussed in Criterion III, educational effectiveness is assessed through internal processes established by the President, Provost, and other administrative officials. In addition, faculty are deeply involved in UNI's processes of curriculum review, academic program review, outcomes assessment, and faculty evaluation. The faculty's rights and responsibilities in these areas are enumerated in the Constitution of the Faculty of the University of Northern Iowa, as approved by the Board of Regents in 1986, specifically in Article IV: Jurisdiction, Points 2 and 3, and in the Master Agreement Between the Board of Regents and the UNI-United Faculty.

Assessment and accountability at the University of Northern Iowa are achieved by a complementary set of external and internal processes. The rigor of these processes is ensured by the professional integrity of the University's administration and faculty, as well as by routine monitoring carried out by the Board of Regents.


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