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Resources for Strengthening UNI and its Programs

The University recognizes its ongoing responsibility for finding the resources necessary to strengthen its programs. UNI therefore maintains a close relationship with its major sponsors to ensure continuing financial support.

The State of Iowa has a proven track record of support for higher education. The State has chosen to create and support only three public universities, each with its own mission. UNI is the state's only public comprehensive university and therefore is able to work cooperatively with the other two state institutions.

Responsibility for governmental relations at UNI resides with the Executive Assistant to the President. A full-time Associate Director of Governmental Relations works in Des Moines and is at the Capitol on a daily basis during the legislative session. The lobbyists for the three state universities work jointly to achieve the legislative program approved by the Board of Regents. In addition, each Regent university has developed an advocacy network of alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff, and students.

Cognizant of the need for broader awareness and support beyond the State of Iowa, the University develops a federal appropriations agenda each year and shares it with the Iowa Congressional delegation.

The University's resources are conscientiously applied to its educational and other programs. Given the University's linkage of the annual budget cycle to the Strategic Planning process, and the annual reporting to the Board of Regents of its resource allocation and reallocation in accordance with Board-approved strategic plans
(Additional information is avavilable in the NCA Report Appendix. Print copies are available for review at UNI's Rod Library), we believe our resources are organized and allocated to support the Strategic Plan, which is intended to strengthen our institution and its programs.


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