CRITERION V: Integrity


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Ethical University Policies

The University of Northern Iowa has developed policies and procedures to maintain the integrity of its practices and relationships, both internal and external. Policies and procedures are developed with input from appropriate faculty, staff, student groups, and advisory committees. They are published and distributed as broadly as possible. The University makes a concerted effort to apply all policies and procedures consistently and fairly. Two major policies delineate and undergird the major functions of this institution of higher education:

1.Freedom of expression (Policies and Procedures, 13.10)

2.Ethics and Academic Responsibility (Policies and Procedures, 6.10)

The latter policy affirms the University's provision of intellectual freedom for its faculty and the necessity for faculty also to uphold this freedom "in all its actions." This policy describes required responsibilities to scholarship, students, colleagues, the University, and the larger community that the University serves. University policies and procedures are accessible at



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