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Compliance with Federal Regulations

Log of Student Complaints
Records of formal, written, and signed student complaints are maintained by the Office of the Provost, the Vice President for Student Services, the Office of Compliance and Equity Management, and the Graduate College. These records include summary information regarding the name(s) of the complainant(s), the date and nature of the complaint, and steps taken to resolve the complaint, including referral to outside agencies and other external actions initiated by the student and known to the University. A summary of these records will be available to the NCA Consultant-Evaluators at the time of the University's comprehensive evaluation. Only summary data will be provided, in order to maintain confidentiality and to protect the privacy of complainants and others.

Federal Student Loan Default Rate
During the 1988-1989 academic year there were 3,663 loans made to students totaling $7.4 million. By comparison, during the 1998-1999 academic year there were 11,386 loans made totaling $36.1 million.

When considering all aid programs, a total of 18,166 awards totaling $22 million were made in 1989. For the 1998-1999 year, more than 28,000 awards from all programs were made totaling $63 million. This represents an increase of about 54 percent in the total number of awards and approximately 186 percent in the total amount allocated over the last two years.

Default rates for loans at the University of Northern Iowa are extremely low. The default rate for the Perkins loan is 6.49 percent (6-30-99). The default rate for Federal Direct Student Loan Program is 4.3 percent (1996-1997, the latest data available).


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