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Personnel Policies and Procedures

The University of Northern Iowa has established personnel policies and procedures that serve to guide and govern the rights and responsibilities of all constituents on our campus. These policies and procedures are defined and described in detail in various published handbooks, manuals, brochures, and pamphlets. They have also been incorporated as part of the UNI main web site.

These resources define and propose courses of action for handling internal disputes at the University of Northern Iowa. All of these resources are available in hardcopy and electronic format for students, faculty, and staff. Information on the existing and updated policies and procedures is provided to new and already employed faculty and staff through print media and online. Students are regularly informed about policies related to grievances, complaints, and discrimination procedures through publications, newspaper inserts, and electronic media.

Procedures and policy statements are updated regularly and cover a wide range of issues, from complaints and grievances to issues of discrimination, sexual harassment, and disability. Developing or revising personnel policies and procedures is an ongoing process. For example, the UNI Policies and Procedures document ( covers a wide range of topics relevant to the entire University regarding nondiscrimination (13.03), affirmative action (13.01), persons with disabilities (12.06), and resolution of discrimination complaints (12.07).

Specific publications that cover University policies and procedures are targeted for students, faculty, and staff.


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