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NCA Report
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Policies and Procedures for Students

UNI Policies and Procedures and the Student Handbook are intended to clarify the many policies relating to students.

UNI Policies and Procedures
Chapter 12 of the UNI Policies and Procedures addresses grievance procedures for graduate students, undergraduate students, student employees, and graduate assistants. Furthermore, the Northern Iowa Student Government appoints students to the Affirmative Action Council on Academic Affairs, the Affirmative Action Council on Education and Student Services, the Educational Policies Commission, the Ethnic Minorities Cultural and Educational Policy Board, the Human Rights Commission, and the University Judicial Committee (see

Student Handbook
Additional sources of policies and procedures on students' rights and responsibilities with regard to nondiscrimination, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, academic grievances and ethics, disagreements, and complaints by student employees and persons with disabilities are contained in the Student Handbook (see

Graduate Student Handbook
Information on policies and procedures related to academic ethics, academic grievances, sexual harassment, and other issues is made available to graduate students through the Graduate College and the Graduate Student Handbook, which is available currently in print format.


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