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Policies and Procedures for Staff

The UNI Policies and Procedures, the Professional and Scientific Personnel Policies and Procedures, and the HRS Policies and Procedures describe the University's procedures and policies for staff.

Professional and Scientific Personnel
Complaints and grievances procedures by professional and scientific personnel at UNI are resolved in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Professional and Scientific Personnel Policies and Procedures, Article VIII, Complaints and Grievances, can be found at The Board of Regents originally approved these policies and procedures in February 1980. Policies and procedures contained within the document cover position appointment procedures, the various types of University service appointments, information on the performance appraisal program, classification-compensation plan provisions, reduction-in-force proceedings, fringe benefit program offerings, and certain other miscellaneous policies.

Merit System Employees
Chapter 5 of the UNI Policies and Procedures provides information on Merit Staff employment policies, and Chapter 12.03 details Merit System grievance and appeals procedures.

Merit employees are governed by both the Regents Merit System Rules and the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) collective bargaining agreement. Work rules and Regents Merit System Rules are accessible at


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