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Office of Public Relations

The Office of Public Relations offers and coordinates services to enhance the visibility and accurately project the image of the University of Northern Iowa. The office is responsible for media relations, news, publications, advertising, marketing communication, and institutional identity. According to the Office mission statement:

The Office of Public Relations provides leadership for a strategic, comprehensive communications effort that enhances understanding and appreciation of the University's mission, supports the strategic plan, and advances the institution's internal and external relations goals.

The UNI Office of Public Relations works closely with campus groups to produce clear and informative documents. The Office provides the campus community with a wide range of publication services, from traditional print formats to new electronic formats, to the campus community through seven divisions: Printing and Mailing Services; Teleproduction Center; Photography Services; Campus Communications; Community Relations; Media Relations; and Publication and Interactive Communications.

As the University implements its 2001-2006 Strategic Plan, the Office of Public Relations will go forward with a more focused mission and a new name:

The Office of University Marketing and Public Relations, in concert with the various University constituents, develops and coordinates the implementation of an integrated marketing program. Designed to enhance the visibility and to accurately project the culture of the University of Northern Iowa, the plan reflects and works toward the goals of the University's strategic plan through the judicious use of a variety of communications. Areas of public relations emphasis and thematic approaches in publication and advertising design correspond with and support the mission and select areas of excellence. Priorities are set within these parameters.

A high priority of the Office of University Marketing and Public Relations is media relations, which includes developing internal credibility to assure that information is provided to media accurately and in a timely fashion. Prompt response to media queries and counsel to University officials in crisis situations are of primary importance. The office recognizes that news media are not in the business of promoting the University, and that their dissemination of our information to their readers/viewers on such things as programs, activities or cultural events is done as a public service.

Of equal importance to the Office of Marketing and Public Relations is the projection of the institution's image and vision through communications media that are designed with integrity and consistency of central message, and in compliance with institutional identity standards.

Central to all the Office's efforts is the portrayal of outcomes that best illuminate the University's core goals. Student achievement, faculty research and accomplishments, the results of programs and initiatives, the partnerships that effect economic development, and promotion of the general education curriculum all comprise tangible evidence of UNI's mission.


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