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Integrity in the Use of Technology

In addition to the UNI policy on copyright-protected computer materials, the Policy on Use of Computer Resources delineates the University's computer use policy. It addresses unauthorized or inappropriate use of the University of Northern Iowa computing resources, sexual harassment using electronic technology, and communication on campus including e-mail correspondences and news groups.

This policy specifically lists a number of behaviors with respect to the electronic environment that are expressly prohibited:

1.Accessing without authorization or attempting to access, alter, erase or intercept computer data that are not one's own

Accessing, or attempting to access, equipment or networks at UNI or elsewhere via UNI resources, without permission

3.Using, or attempting to use, someone else's authorization

4.Permitting others (at UNI or elsewhere) to use one's own authorization

5.Modifying or extending network services and wiring beyond their intended use

6.Concealing or attempting to conceal one's identity when using University resources, except when anonymous access is explicitly provided

Forgery or misrepresentation of one's identity

8.Impairing, interrupting or inhibiting any other person's access to or use of resources except consequential to normal and acceptable use

9.Sending anonymous, deceptive, fraudulent, or unwelcome electronic communications, such as chain letters

10.Violating license agreements, copyrights or intellectual property rights

11.Violating contractual obligations of the University

12.Re-transmitting UNI-specific or commercially obtained network resources outside of the University community

13.Commercial use of information from University databases or University resources.



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