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Regents Award for Faculty Excellence



  1. Purpose

    The Regents Awards for Faculty Excellence serve as the means by which the Board of Regents acknowledges and honors university faculty members. The number to be awarded shall be determined annually by the Board of Regents.

  2. Criteria

    1. Eligible individuals must be tenured, have been at UNI at least five years, and be nonadministrators at the time of consideration. Eligibility also includes individuals who are employed at least half-time, those on leave of absence during consideration, or individuals who are in their final year of employment prior to retirement. An individual may receive the Regents Award for Faculty Excellence only once; however, recipients are not precluded from consideration for university awards.

    2. Award recipients shall be individuals who have been deemed to have a sustained record of excellence across the spectrum of faculty endeavors (teaching, scholarship, and service) or such outstanding accomplishments in one or more of the areas as to justify their selection.

  3. Composition of the Awards Committee

    1. The Awards Committee shall consist of the following members:

      1. Representative of the Office of Academic Affairs (non-voting)

      2. Collegiate Dean appointed on a rotational basis from the alphabetical listing of the colleges

      3. Chair of Council of Department Heads

      4. Member of the Graduate Council

      5. Member of the Faculty Senate

      6. Chair of the University Faculty

    2. The Awards Committee shall be responsible for the solicitation of nominations, the review of submitted materials and the recommendation to the University Senate of faculty members to receive awards.

  4. Procedures

    1. The Awards Committee shall be convened by the Chair of the Faculty.

    2. Recipients of the university awards for outstanding teaching, service and research ( James F. Lubker
      Research Award ) from the previous year will automatically be considered for nomination.

    3. The Committee shall request nominations from each college senate. A college senate may forward the number of nominees up to the Faculty Senate representation of that college.

    4. The Awards Committee shall request the following from each nominee:

      a.        Curriculum Vitae

      b.      A maximum of three representative artifacts (publications, creative works, teaching materials, etc.; we will contact you again should we need more exemplars of your work)

      c.       Recent (within the past 5 years) instructor evaluations collected with the standard UNI form

      d.      Two letters of recommendation describing the nominee’s accomplishments in teaching, scholarship and service.


    5. After review of the materials, the Awards Committee will identify those individuals to receive awards. The list will be forwarded to the Faculty Senate.

    6. The Faculty Senate shall receive and endorse the Awards Committee recommendations and forward the names of the selected candidates to the Executive Vice President and Provost who will notify both the recipients and the Board of Regents.

    7. The selected candidates will then be affirmed by the Board of Regents.

    8. Names of nominees and recipients of past years will be maintained in the Office of Academic Affairs.