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The Executive Vice President and Provost’s Office announces
The Iowa Regents Fellowship Program

University of Northern Iowa

The Iowa Regents universities are collaborating in a program to stimulate scholarly initiatives among the three institutions. The Regents Fellowship Program offers faculty the opportunity to travel to member institutions to exchange ideas and possibly develop collaborative projects in teaching, research and/or public service. The program is available to any eligible faculty member at the University of Northern Iowa, Iowa State University, or the University of Iowa who wishes to enlarge or advance their professional activities by taking advantage of opportunities at a sister institution.

General Guidelines

  • Eligible faculty are those who are full-time, tenured or tenure-track.
  • There must be preliminary contact between a host unit (department, research center, etc.) and the individual to determine mutual receptivity and available dates.
  • The host unit formally invites the Faculty Fellow by sending a letter of invitation. The letter of invitation must accompany the fellowship application. . This letter should specify the dates for the proposed visit, as well as any particular expectations for the Fellow (Examples: to present a recital; deliver a lecture; meet with students, etc.)
  • Faculty visits will ordinarily be for two weeks.
  • The faculty member’s home institution provides up to $2,500 towards transportation, room, board, and incidentals. Approved Fellows will be reimbursed for their expenses at standard university rates.
  • After the visit, the Faculty Fellow will submit a brief report to the Provost describing outcomes of the visit and offering suggestions for future planning. Fellowship reports are due by the end of the term in which the visitation occurred.
  • Faculty Fellows are responsible, with the cooperation of their departments, for arranging coverage of their duties at their home campus during their absence.
  • The host unit will announce the visit of a Faculty Fellow and will facilitate organization of the activities in which the Fellow will be engaged.

The visiting Faculty Fellow may consult with faculty and/or students, offer performances, lectures or symposia, or engage in whatever activities are agreeable to the Fellow and the host institution.

Application Procedures

  1. Application forms are available in the Office of Academic Affairs, Gilchrist Hall, Room 200, or may be downloaded from the links below.
  2. Applications will be considered on an ongoing basis and may be submitted to the Assoc. Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Gilchrist Hall, Room 200. All proposals which meet stated guidelines will be considered on a "first come, first served" basis.
  3. Applications will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Provost. The committee will then make recommendations to the Provost for fellowship appointments.

Guidelines for University of Northern Iowa Academic Units wishing to host Iowa Regents Fellows

  • The department, research center, school, or other unit must issue a letter of invitation to the prospective Regents Faculty Fellow. This letter should specify the dates for the proposed visit, as well as any particular expectations for the Fellow (Examples: to present a recital; the deliver a lecture; the meet with students, etc.)
  • Once the sending school has approved the appointment of a Fellow, a specific faculty member should be designated as host. Host departments are responsible for advising the visiting Fellow concerning temporary housing on campus or in the Cedar Falls area and for making arrangements for temporary office space, telephone, clerical help, computers, parking, and/or any other support or specialized services or facilities.
  • The Fellows home institution is responsible for funding.

Questions concerning this program may be addressed to Susan Koch, Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs at susan.koch@uni.edu or 273-2518.

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