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Ross A. Nielsen Professional Service Award


Eligibility and Criteria


1. All tenured faculty, including department heads who have been on the faculty at UNI for atleast five years are eligible. Such eligibility includes individuals who are employesd at least half-time, those on a leave-of-absence during consideration, and those who are in their final year of employment prior to retirement. A faculty member may receive this award only once; however, recipients are not precluded from consideration for other University awards.


2. To be eligible, individuals must possess and document a meritorious record of internal service and external service. Service is defined as continuing productiveservice that is related to the candidate's profession, the University, various organizational elements, profession, and to society.


-Internal Service is that provided to the University and/or its various elements. Internal services includes, but is not limited to significant involvement on committees involved with establishing and implementing policies, programs, and procedures, as well as involvement with student organizations and student life.


-External Service is that provided to individuals, groups and/or organizations outside the University. External service involves, but is not limited to,, activities such as work performed for professional associations, journals, and external constituent groups.


A comprehensive contribution to both internal and external service should be reflected by the individual receiving this award. Both are of value to the ongoing welfare of the University and to the professional development of the faculty. It becomes the responsibility of the selection committee to identify the individual faculty member whose overall professional service contributions have provided the greatest effect on the University, the profession, and society. It will be uncommon that the recipient of the award has presencted a record of contribution in but one of the two service areas.


Selection Procedures


1. The selection process begins with the nomination of faculty by colleagues. A nomination form (attached) should be forwarded to the Chair of your College Senate by December 1. The nomination form includes an indication of the nominee's willingness to be named and a brief description of how the nominatied faculty member's service merits consideration for this award.


2. The College Senate Chair will refer nominations to the College Committee, which will select a maximum of two faculty to be forwarded to the University Committee. The College Commitee, in consultation with the nominee, will compile and forward the following nomination materials to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, by February 6.


-A current vita including or accompanied by an annotated service history listing the nominee's most important service activities (university, community, and disciplinary) relating to their role as a member of the faculty


-A maximum of five additional supportive documents (e.g., letters referring to the quality of service; reports that were products of the service).


3. The University Committee, which will consist of one representative from each academic college and the Library and two members of the Emeritus Faculty Association, will review all materials and forward a recommendation to the Executive Vice President and Provost. The Committee's recommendation shall remain confidential until the Executive Vice President and Provost announces the recipient.

Nomination Form in PDF

Nomination Form in Word Format