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McNair Scholars Program

Summer Research Internship (SRI)

The Summer Research Internship is the "capstone" activity for motivating and preparing highly qualified students for doctoral study. It includes ten weeks of field and/or laboratory research. Each McNair scholar has at least one faculty mentor from their academic department who guides the student’s research through to completion. For information about becoming a mentor or finding a mentor, visit the Mentors webpage.

Upon completion of the research, the student and faculty member prepare a report on their research project. The research is reported upon at a research symposium at the end of the summer, or in early autumn.

To learn more about the Summer Research Internship, please review the Summer Research Internship Handbook. Also, check out the 2014 summer participants here.

SRI Program Requirements

  • Must have completed sophomore year

Student Requirements

  • Contact and confirm the participation of a faculty mentor to support and supervise the research program.
  • Spend 30+ hours per week, on the research project for. Students are expected to meet and consult with their advisor on a regular basis throughout the 10-week term.
  • Attend regular workshops, lectures, informal faculty meetings, visits to other campuses, and weekly student/staff meetings.
  • Submit an abstract and give an oral presentation about their summer research.
  • Submit a final research paper (15-20 pages).

How To Apply

  1. Fill out an online SRI Application Form which includes an abstract (no longer than 250 words).


SRI participants are eligible to receive a stipend in the course of their efforts. These stipends shall be paid in five installments, each payable upon completion of a corresponding benchmark called a milestone. It is important to note that, if requirements are not met according to the Summer Research Internship calendar, payments will not be made. In addition, participants may receive assistance with room and board during the Summer Research Internship. Details of room and board arrangements are available from program staff.



Student SRI Materials

Guide to the Summer Research Internship Program:

After acceptance, the following need to be filled out and signed:

Forms due throughout the summer:

Mentor SRI Materials