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Designing for Different Browsers

The html standards and tags are not compatible across browsers and platforms. HTML language and browser development are not occurring at the same rate. What this means is that as a web editor the following must be considered in respect to web browsers when designing web pages:

  • It is advisable to have both IE and Netscape installed on your computer to view your pages with both browsers.

  • Mac and PC do not display information the same way so it is advisable to view your pages on the Mac platform with IE and Netscape as well as on the PC platform.

  • Differences in monitor resolution and font size affect appearance of text and objects on the page.

  • Internet Explorer and Netscape, the two most common browsers, do not display all the html tags the same way.

  • Scripting and dynamic content is not understood by all versions of all the browsers. This means that if you use a script or dynamic element on the page, it must degrade to the lower browser version without losing the content and information on the page.